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  • songsuckdick songsuckdick Feb 9, 2004 12:38 PM Flag

    KMT crooks are you nuts or what ?

    You guys can not be that stupid !!! How can you allow Lan Chan to debate Abian ? It is over when this idiot face Abian. This Ma In-Chiu has to take full responsibility for losing this election. The only way out of this mess is for Lan Chan to become too ill to show his face and let Song debate Abian.

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    • You guys can not be that stupid !!! How can you allow Lan Chan to debate Abian ? It is over when this idiot face Abian. This Ma In-Chiu has to take full responsibility for losing this election. The only way out of this mess is for Lan Chan to become too ill to show his face and let Song debate Abian.

      Calm down, okay? Abian lacks knowledge about setting policies. He is very good at pushing for Taiwan independnece though. That is all.

      So, if you support independence, then you will enjoy Abian's performance in the debate, but if you happen to be disgusted about independnece, then you will support Lien even more after seeing Abian in the debate talking around without real beef. On the other hand, if you are an ideology-neutral swing voter, then you are likely to see more substance coming from Lien because Lien will talk about his blueprint for various policies to build Taiwan's competitive strengths in the next 4 years.

      All in all, Abian has shown clearly that he can not build a quality economic team to run the country. So, if you vote for Abian, you will suffer another messy and choppy 4 years without a vision for Taiwan's future.

      The son of Taiwan does not know how to love Taiwan, just as the father of China, Chairman Mao, did not know how to love China. Both Abian and Mao are rival to the KMT, and both fail to outperform the KMT in delivering the performance after they grab the power from the KMT. History sucks.

    • If Soong debates Abian, it would be interesting if Abian asks Soong what role he played in the White-Terror era--why he had Carnegie-Mellon University professor(Chen Wen-cheng?) tortured to death; and why he shut down radio and TV in Taiwanese languages; and the whole truth behind the Kaohsiung-Incident--the jailor is now asking the public permission for the former prisoners' job.

      • 2 Replies to imtwnz
      • Imtwnz, its like talking to the wall isnt it? Well I take that back, at least the wall won't spew back irrationally and would probably be the preferable conversational partner.

        You say :
        >>Abian sucks!<<

        >>Can we talk
        >>Abian sucks!!!!!!!!!!!<<

        You say:
        >>you know I have questions about this KMT person and his previous role in Taiwanese history<<

        >>Oranges are full of Vitamin C<<

        >>Brtney Spears is damn hot<<

        See a pattern here? lol

      • whether debates or not, Abain/DDT is on its way to become a trash in history.

    • BTW, why not join the military school in Taiwan, that fits you well, "Fight for Abain/DDT", hehehe! that fits you perfectly well! Watch out, People's Liberty Army is coming! hehehe

      Disclosure: My political stance has nothing to do with trading TSM. but, just to satisfy your curiosity: I am a die-hard KMT.

      I never support Abian. N-E-V-E-R. My reason is this: "Stupid, it's the economy!"

      I may selectively argue against some of your posts if those posts have holes or mispreceptions. When I do this, it does not mean I support Abian. Rather, it is just for discussion.

    • Watch out, People's Liberty Army is coming! hehehe!

      hey son, a note for your English: PLA means People's *Liberation* Army.

    • Look, we have a diw-hard KMT here. What a surprise. I thought you will say "Stupid, it's KMT", hehehe!

      That's fine, that' ok, motherland also welcome "die-hard KMT" to contribute the unification of motherland.

      In the case of "die--hard" KMT, gee, i am not sure which military school you want to join. You see, kiddie, most military schools are "Abianized" in Taiwan. I think you should try the military schools in motherland. hehehe!

      Good English, Goiod English, I bet you MUST BE VERY PROUD of your English. Good, Good, motherland also like to have such good English pewrson to contribute the unification.

      keep up good work, kiddle!

    • LMAO Sucker2k2, fair is my middle name. You know come to think of it, I like your name too. On the subject of fellatio, I think everyone would bow to you nevermind those newbs like Song or Abian....afterall just look your name Sucker 2k2...jeez thats gotta be a professsional working name for you lol.

    • You're an idiot - just tell evetone you're short TSM -

      What's it going to at the most $9.90 - $9.70 you're a moron

      Prices are going to rise and you will be crying like a bitch that you didn't short something else and harras that message board - bitch

    • >>Redflyer is fair, he just cannot read and write as demonstrated by his posts. It is also possible that his emotion dominates his thoughts, thus all readings are distorted by his emotions. <<

      wowgoner wowzers your back! Your probably not familiar with instant messaging/American slang or else my last post would be as clear bright summer day. Writing in slang does not necessarily mean a person cannot read or write properly but perhaps that sometimes it conveys thoughts better for a select audience. So you are forgiven for this rash generalization.

      One more thing, do you really want to defend Sucker2k2 and his crude comments? For you that would be like stepping out of pigeon droppings straight into a pile of horse....well you get the picture.

    • redflyer, you can't be serious. We are all suckers. But we are not like Abian, Abian sucks dicks, and we don't.

      We have been suckers when we bought TSM, people are suckers when they voted for Abian four years ago. Some people still are suckers because them still believe in Abian/DDT.

      kiddle, my comments are not "crude". For you it may be like "stepping out pigeon droppings straight into a pile of horse shits", hehehe! That's ok, kiddle, If you still put faith in Abian/DDT, you deserve it. "well, you got the picture, don't you?" hehehe!

    • Why Sucker welcome back! You know just for my information have you ever heard of the following statement?

      "Its better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool rather than open it and prove them right."

      Think on it s l o w l no don't post yet. Lets put 5-6 hours between my post and yours so you have enough time to mull it over ;)

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