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  • sucker2k2 sucker2k2 May 16, 2004 10:19 PM Flag

    Peace Only Exists Under One China

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    • Who say ROC is not independent now, thouth it was not created by Abian?
      I don't know why DPP want to change it and CCP want to maintain it? It seems to me a bunch of morons are there. Only Uncle Sam is smart.
      So, is Abian a son of Taiwan, or son of clown, or son of bitch?

    • Seem like China posed to be major economic force to deal with in next very few years where even great U.S. will benefit from. All big talk about missiles, and war, and only guys make out are arms builders, and crooked politicians. Much foolishness, when easier to cooperate so everyone benefit! Can see TSM/UMC to rebound now!

    • could be , want to be, economic powerhouse this century. Not there yet as really need open and free market to make work long term. Open markets usually require personal freedoms also. Free media and all that.
      I see this happening in next 15 years and at that time both countries will merge into one China seemlessly, a little more local rule for Taiwan, and all will be happy.

    • I think the point is not population. If the toll is, say: China-10 million; Taiwan-1 million(in actual case it could be more than China's toll); US-10,000. Do you think China won't do it? US would do it?
      The point is, China is not quite ready yet(fortunately, Abian didn't provoke PRC). They are still buiding their 90-class nuclear subs. This kind of sub is rumored to design to be eqipped with 8 missile launchers. Missile Range? 12,000 km! Chinese sub is not easy to be detected. The days they can stay under sea surface outlast US's 84 vs 83. Isn't it very awful? Now China begins building, I think the design has been successfully finished. China doesn't have aircrft carriers, they want subs to make up the disavantage. I think it also lowers the importance of SWACS. Two years ago US for Isreal to cancel selling SWACS to China, I don't know why China still has it or even make it.
      Can a missile be intercepted satisfactorily? Pentagon says yes, Union of concerned Scientists say no. I think the answer is between 0 and 1.
      Taiwn was denied by WHA the 8th time by an embarrassed margin 138:25. The 25 includes US, Japan, and 23 of ROC's friends. I was surprised that UK was not one of the 25. I stronly doubt what Abian can do for Taiwan. Independence? Well,I need to go sleep. I hope I can find it during my sleep.

    • >>if the US gets drag into this kind of War, the only way it will be able to fight with China would be a nuclear war.

      Learn Politic 101: What is in it for US? Had Bush Jr. knew the cost of Iraq war and the mess etc., do you think he would attack Iraq?

      BTS, nuclear weapons are so 50s.

    • kids:

      I didn't draw any conclusion. All I said is:

      1. China has informed US when the VicePresident Dick Cheney visited China last month that the bluffing game between US/China/Taiwan is over.

      2. In my opinion, if US really wants to fight with China, then US should ask herself whether she can win the war or not. Because China is a country with "moderate" military power that US has never directly fought with since World War II. China is not Panama, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Smart bombs, aircraft carrier even nuclear bomb may not work with China.

      3. "Smart lips" playing time is over for Taiwan, no matter who is in the government.

      That's all I said.

      Don't waste time on this, kids. You should worry about TSM if you bought it. I didn't say SMI is a good investment either. In my opinion, all semi foundry stocks are not good investment, and the worst one probably is TSM unfortunately.

    • Nonsense! Stupid arguments!

    • "When Chinese say "Rein In at the Brink of Precipice", the whole world is listening."

      Sucker, Do you know why the whole world is listening?

      I will tell you why, the whole world knows that China would not fight a war with it's hands behind it's back like the way the US is now doing in Iraq.

      China would go all out with any cost, killing all 23 million people in Taiwan and if the US or Japan gets in the way so be it. I know if the US gets drag into this kind of War, the only way it will be able to fight with China would be a nuclear war and not a pretty picture, this will not be any Korean conflict like in the 1950's.

    • I do not beleive China would go to war for a bity little Island of 23 million people, when their mainland is in the billions. All I was telling Sucker was if the US got into a War with China over Taiwan it will not be a conventional war, because China is too big and little smart bombs are design to just target a building.

      It's the same with North Korea, China would come in and defend it from US attack, I know that. US does not want any War in Asia, but if the Chinese drag the US into a War, my guess it would have to be a nuclear war.

    • >>I'm not Chinese. Thank god. You're funny though. As you like to type -- he he he he kid.<<

      Your broken English doesn't qualify you as an American.

      You're a liar, just like abian.

      I urge you drop your pants and check your lan-jiaw (penis) first. I'm sure its color is yellow ( unless you've dyed it white!) with black hairs.

      You're a moron!

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