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  • sucker2k2 sucker2k2 Jun 9, 2004 11:06 PM Flag


    Re: Bomb Three Gorges Dam???
    by: sucker2k2 06/09/04 12:46 pm
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    Do you really believe China is going to fight a war with US using conventional arms like in Korea?

    I do not think so, China is not going to waste it's time fighting a long conventional war with US. On the pother hand, Chian is not stupid to fight US with conventional war, period.

    China has been "the" locomotive of the world economic. China GDP is "the" highest in the world for the past three years. Economic sanctions to who? Wake up, kid! If China starts to sell US bonds, US economic is in big !@*&! Washintin Post said if China has economic problem, then the whole world got the economic problem.

    China is not North Korea, North Vietnam, Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan. China could put sub underneath every US aircraft carrier, an ICBM aiming at New York City from a nuclear sub somewhere in the middle of pacific oscean, and knock out GPS or communication/surveillance satellites out from the sapce. Without these satellites, US is blind, deaf and fight the war back to stone age. "smart" bomb? HeHeHe, only in your dream!

    Posted as a reply to: Msg 20702 by olddog_88

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    • "Well, old dog is negative biased on China, but numbers are numbers. China is #1 in GDP growth rate in the world for the past three years, China is #6 in GDP abosolute dollar amount in the past two years, and China is expected to beat France and become #5 in this year or next.

      old dog may not like it, but truth is truth."

      I'am not negative on China, it's just Sucker who thinks all is well if China goes to War with USA over Taiwan. I like the advances that are going on in China, I do buy there products, but China has more to lose than any country in this World if it tries to take Taiwan by force of Arms. Like you said the truth is the truth, China economy will not grow if war breaks out, infact it will decline and will have huge problems -- JUST for a little Island name Taiwan, get real.

    • Gay Low Asshuar2001: Me go away, heeeheee, no way du ni 100000000000000 x times, you are the same Chi-Gor-Lan, Chop Suey, Sung your MF many times! Me Hong Kong, you A'chung! HaHa
      Chinchong Baun Baun Din Din Ni Liang
      Haha you go away !
      Hehe Haha

    • >>US can destroy China faster than they destryed Iraq!!

      >>piece of cake!!

      You know what is the difference between the languages of a three years old child and a four years old child? The former only has claimations, like "you are a paper tiger!!", "that is a piece of cake!", while the later not only has claimations, but also has arguments, answering why that is a paper tiger and why that is a piece of cake.
      Wait a minute, were you saying you are 46 years old? Wow, you had been living in your mom's belly for over 42 years!! That was a long, long time. By the way, did you remember close your eyes at the moment when you got out of your mom's ..., so that you would not embarrass her ....? Hmmm .... oh ... dir ...I need a hug...

    • China has lead the economic growth in the world for the past couples of years. All the countries are benefitted from the growth in China.

      China GDP growth 9.1% in 2003, 9.7% in Q1/04, To avoid the overheating, China government likes to slow it down to 7% this year. So far it may slow down but not slow down to a level that will reach 7% this year. Asian Development Bank estimates China will hit 8.3% this year, 8.2% next year, and they believe these are the proper level to slow down to.

    • don't forget it's contributed by the Taiwanese merchants!!

    • US can destroy China faster than they destryed Iraq!!

      piece of cake!!

    • It's "Dai Loh", not "Dah Low".

      Go away, you Chi-Gor-Lan!!!

    • There will be NO war between Mainland and the US, no matter how you stir. Your ill-intended and dumb tactic won't work.

      Ask your American friends (if you have one) whether they want to go to war with Mainland. I can guarantee you that almost all will say NO, if not 100%.

      Do you really think that the US respect our democracy (what democracy? wahahaha...!)? Do you really think that CIA doesn't know that abian is corrupt and bian-so is a daytrader? What they don't say doesn't mean they don't know.

      Do you think Japanese respect you? Look into the mirror and examine yourself first (besides your ugly face, what do you see in youself?)! According to the Japanese culture, they look down people like you, because you people are traitors and cowards and they don't respect this kind of people.

      And if you don't respect yourself, no one would! Denying yourself as Chinese (you ARE a Chinese!!) only makes yourself look uglier and vulnerable to be trashed. You don't get your respect by denying yourself or twisting history for your own good!!!!!

      Go ahead and spend that NT$ 610,800,000,000 on weapons in the years to come. It sure makes your tiny little balls look like plutonium bombs!!!

    • Dah Low F1d092: I am not Taiwanese, I am from HK.
      I do not have TSM, but have some MU.
      Like China said, " No to G8, no G8 China! "

    • HeHeHe! Now tsm00hloder has taught olddog_88 a lesson. Next time, don't open your retarded mouth. What a idiot!

      HeheHe! "Russia must have a larger industrial economy than China", what a joke, what a idiot!

      No wonder Abian/DDT got re-elected. Too many retarded around there!

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