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  • sucker2k2 sucker2k2 Oct 20, 2004 5:38 PM Flag

    China took Russia's adveantage?

    Last week when Russian President Putin visited China, China and Russia had officially settled all their boundary disputes. According to a news source in Taiwan, China took Russia's advantage in that boundary agreement. Interesting.,3546,110505+11

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    • don't think anyone knows that outside of the PLA itself. the PLA has been acquiring AIP technology lately, and that is a well known fact.

      it seems the AIP has been put to test in older ming class, and are said (or rumored) to become standard in newer song and yuan classes. but i don't believe they have 'no moving part'.

      the newer 039A class has been paraded from multiple assembly lines under broad day light this year. so are the 040's, which was also deliberately shown to be another chinese indigenous design at the world's cutting edge.

      but other than the outside of these submarines in the pictures circulating all over the world, not much was said about the technology.

    • To my understanding, one of the disadvantages of diesel electric submarines is: it needs to surface once for a while, turns on the diesel engine (that needs "air"), to charge the battery bank in the submarine. That gives the enemy a chance to detect the submarine. Nuclear submarine doesn't have such disadvantage.

      China, along other countries, such as Germany, is developing a technology that can make the diesel engine running without air (by using something like "liquidized" air subtitutes)charge the battery. By this method, diesel submarine can under the water for a much longer time.

      About one or one and half years ago, there was a report that a Chinese submarine got accident when it experimented the technology.

      There are many unofficial websites in China on the Chinese military development. Some of it are shut down recently because they have leaked too much information. From one website you can get link to other similiar websites.

      Good one is still the Kanwa in Canada, it gives the latest development:

      Some American websites are also on this subject, even they are seriously out of date:



      You can take hours surf from onw site to another.

    • I heard that PROC is developing steathy submarines powered by fuel cells with no moving part. Any truth?

    • that is probably true. corner cube is a bit specialized.

      hitting CV in the ocean is only a matter of time, and there is not a whole lot of technical difficulties. all it take for china is enough satellites. and indeed china is doing just that.

      antiship cruise missiles are not terribly difficult now that china has the cruise missiles. the same thing could also be said about the ballistic missiles.

      it seems sooner rather than later the US will have to send the subs and bombers instead of the CV's in case of future cross-strait flare-ups.

      but like i mentioned before, i don't see any war coming anywhere close to china in the near to mid term future. and that is why china is on the driving seat. the invasion of afghanistan and iraq could have brought severe challenges, but that is becoming more remote by the day.

      china is a land power, and that is something many ignore at their own peril. the showdown over the korean pennisula probably will come far sooner than that of taiwan. and there the outcome has clearly been more dictated by china than the US.

      the issue is never between china and taiwan, it's always between china and the US. if china tries to look at the geopolitical map prepared by the US, it will lose. it has to draw up its own map.

      to deny the CV groups has always been a stated priority by china in its 'san da, san fang', but strategically china should never look to meet the US in the ocean in the first place. if it tries to solve the puzzle laid by the US, it may not catch up to a solution in time.

    • Not bad at all, there are not too many people know the "corner cube reflector".

      How about the Chinese capability to detect and hit a ship with relative large size in the ocean?

    • i'm not knowledge enough about the lasers. corner cube reflectors on satellites are old endeavors. i'm not sure most if not all of those chinese asat's were fabricated. i am not a laser expert. so far it seems the only people talked about china's asat weapons were either politicians or journalist, not scientists or credible military experts.

    • Good point!

      No wonder you're such a worthless loser, and so is our lying president lam-par abian.

    • can only lose more!

      It applies to politics, sports, stock market etc.

    • littlescherzo:

      you are very knowledegable indeed. I myself have paid attention to these areas, but never sure what is really happening there.

      how about the chinese capability to knock out the satellite from the space, or make it blind/inoperable? I knew they can pinpoint satellite in the space using laser beam (they put reflector on the spacecraft just for the purpose of testing this capability), they already have achieved and possessed very good high energy laser technology, so I guess they should have such capability.

      BTW, I agree with you. Taiwan problem is good for China. Taiwan is the best catalyst to make themselve to compete with the best in the world.

      Thanks God, Taiwan is a "problem", and this "problem" is backed up by US. Or a peace-loving nation such as China will never know how important it is to have a strong military muscle.

    • called "black blind kid" to Russia in exchange for Putin to come to China for a show-off and a handshake.

      Why didn't Chinese communist head show himself off in Russia in exchange for a free gift of half of the city of Moscow?

      Chinese territory is for fire sale!

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      • Chinese leaders should be criticized for selling half the island.

        I read from various Chinese newspapers that the rabbits want to withdraw from Gold-Horse and that the rabbits want to reposition the air force to the east side of Taiwan. Please tell me that I am wrong.

      • will sucker post a link to a communist Chineses news telling fooled Chinese people about the land gift given to Russia?

        No report, lol.

        Chinese people have been fooled and selectively fed with biased information by the communist party!

        Wake up and learn the democracy!

      • " ... a show-off and a handshake."


        Chinese may need a lot of things, but I can assure you that they don't need "a show-off and a handshake", especially in exchange of something...LOL. Of course, it's understandable when someone, getting frustrated by something, would think that all others have the fear to suffer the same ... you have my mercy.

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