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  • sucker2k2 sucker2k2 Oct 30, 2004 8:34 PM Flag

    US Pleased, China No Excuse

    This is the entertainment today from the political entertainement capital of the world - Taiwan.

    Before his double-tenth speech, Idiot Abian claimed his speech will make US "Pleased" and China get "No Excuse".

    HeheHe, Now US is rally pleased. What a bunch of idiots! Their brains got damaged and unrepairable.

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    • I am sorry about that, but I don't urge you to try something they have been doing to China. Independence always leads to a war or some kind of (strong) military action. Look at Balkin, look at Indonesia, look at Russia, ..., hundreds of thousands of people got slaughtered ...

    • ".. there are going to be hundreds of independent countries.."

      Read the history carefully and try to understand whan made of a country?

      How many countries/places in this world had been independent (financially, politically etc.) and ruled themselves with their own system for so long?

      I am afraid you are comparing apples to oranges?

    • "China is ready to conquer Taiwan, making us all second class citizens."

      It sounds that you have a lot of new things. What is "second class citizens"? Do you have a reference where it comes from? If it just comes from your big mouth, can you elaborate what it stands for?

    • "For family members who got hurt and splitted before, you need to do the right things to bring them together. You can't do it by force, unless you want to have a broken family and eventually they will split again or there will be even more problems."


      Honestly, I don't get your point. I don't think there is any problem for anyone from Taiwan to visit anywhere of the mainland and, therefore, s/he can visit anyone, family members, friends, whomever ...

      As about force, the context is something like ... if independent ... then force ... This is very natural. As I mentioned before, if part of Taiwan wants independence from Taiwan, are you going to tell them "go ahead to have a refrendum. if you people decide to go for independence, go ahead do it, and we are not gonna use force in any case". Then I'll guarranttee you that there are going to be hundreds of independent countries in that island. Is that what you want?

    • You are absolutely right!

      Regardless of what majority people (in Taiwan) said, fake people see them fakes anyway!

    • <<<
      I can only say: Fake Tiwanese like to fake things! They fake that they are native Taiwanese, all the rest are just trivial stuff! They are dogs that try to walk the men and pretend to be the master! What will they become? They become AQ Abia, Lau-wang ba, not twnz, too many coomies! They are the laughing stalks pretending that they are the winners!>>>

      China is ready to conquer Taiwan, making us all second class citizens. You and WowWow are still talking nonsense. This is incredible. I am part aboriginal.

    • So many educated Chinese or Chinese-Origin people are posting on this board these days.

      Are you helping people to build mutual-trust, or inciting people to creat mual hatred?

      • 1 Reply to com20002005
      • Your president is trying to separate taiwan from china permanently, and you are talking about trust? Who trusts whom? Democracy and Independence are two completely different issues. You can do democracy in the whole nation or in a part of the nation, but independence is a much bigger issure, which has to be addressed nationwide. The few followers of Chen in this board keep confusing these two issues, and one of them is you. All of your logic boils down to something like .... because "democracy" .... so "independent" ... fuc*ing moron ...back to your hospital.

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