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  • sucker2k2 sucker2k2 Nov 9, 2004 4:29 PM Flag

    China slams Japan

    These Japs forgot what they have done during the WWII. Green jerms in Taiwan are raised up by Japs. Sanitize the Japs' Green Germs!

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    • Have it ever occur to you that you are not that great in investment? Some postings on this BBS recommended to sell TSM whenever you recommend to buy.

      Since I told you last time to invest in NG, my NG investment went up 20X, my SINA went up 20X, even my F went up 2X. All this time TMR, a high risk small company, went from $4 to $6. Do you know that you can buy NG as commodity? In your recommendation to buy TMR, you rightly pointed out the widely known reason why NG may go up. But how does that translate to TMR? Does it have the capital? the rights to drill? the management? the technology?

      If you do not have time to read finance books, many brokage firms such as MSDW offer great service.

    • The Chinese newspapers were divided into 2 groups in reporting this news. The first group, such as taiwandaily, reported that 70% of ROC citizens wanted to be independent. The second group, such as Singtao, reported that result plus other questions asked in that survey. One of the questions found that 1.7% of ROC citizens believed that Moses would stand up for Taiwan in time of war.

      Everyone claims s/he loves Taiwan, but when it comes to serving, the dpp sends their kids to American high schools at $40K/year.

    • Lou_wong_ba_deng
      like dirty abain like won_ba_deng.
      you are a stupid green asshole

    • Today or tomorrow are probably the good entry time. Good luck!

    • Lou_wong_ba_den:
      i hope nobody listen to you.
      you are a full of shit.
      too much green shit in your dirty mouth and
      your sick brain.
      go go go tsm,tmr,tmr

    • Reply to imtwnz --

      First, the 70% that you mentioned was a survey of a tiny 1,000 or so people out of a 23-million population ( or 0.0043%). That sample size is far, far away from statistically significant. Besides, politicians often use statistical data to fool people. For example, more than 70% of the U.S. citizens thought Saddam Hussen attacked the World Trade Center.

      Secondary, the UN Covenant of self-determination rights that you refer applies only to states of colonies. It DOES NOT apply to any territory within a sovereign country, such as Texas or Alaska within the U.S. Since Taiwan is China's territory historically and legistimately, the UN covenant doesn't apply there at all.

      Don't fool people! And before you say anything relevant, please clean your ass and dick first (you don't have a G-Y, hehehe... I know you so well!).


      Now let me tell you why I know you're not a woman, but have a dick:

      A while ago, I said that you arrogant people were ugly with small-eyes, monkey-faces, short-and-crooked-trunks, and green-skins. You protested that you were "handsome".

      Would any woman say she is handsome, instead of beautiful?

      Gosh.... you're such a liar! Wahahahahaha.....!!!!

    • Are Controlled by U.S. Force.

      GWB told us Iraq has been liberated. All Iraqis people now enjoy the right granted by the UN Interantional Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of Self-determainaton.

      "...In Fallujah, the military said U.S. troops pushed insurgents into a section of the city flanking the main east-west highway that bisects the rebel bastion. At least 71 militants had been killed as of the beginning of the third day of intense urban combat, the military said, with the casualty figure expected to rise sharply once U.S. forces account for Iraqis and foreign fighters killed in airstrikes.

      As of Tuesday night, 10 U.S. troops and two members of the Iraqi security force had been killed, a toll that already equaled the number of American troops who died when Marines besieged the city for three weeks in April...."

    • TMR is a small exploration and production company that has been drilling fifteen quite sizable natural gas wells in BML. It still has many targets in that area to drill more wells. Energy related stocks did very well in the past two years or so. TMR turned around from almost being dead to enjoying tons of cash flow from increasing natural gas production. Prices of natural gas and oil have increased a lot in the past two years.

      I started to buy TMR when it was $1+ and rode it all the way up with a lot of profits. I have currently six digit number of shares in my portfolio now.

      Since the share price is not $1+ anymore, there are more and more risks with this energy stock, especially in the short term.

      Production of natural gas in the north America has been declining year after year while demand continues to rise. Unlike oil that is easy to import, natural gas needs to be imported as liquified natural gas which requires special tankers and port terminals and therefore is not something that can happen overnight.

      If we have a colder than normal winter or a warmer than normal summer, the chance of natural gas shortage is there. This possibility drives the prices of futures of natural gas way high.

      TMR just released its 10Q today for the September quarter. The production for the last quarter was disappointing but the hedging of their future natural gas production is quite good.

      It is hard to predict the short term bottom and the price action at this time. But, with three rigs drilling natural gas wells simultaneously at BML, it's production should recover in early 2005. As production gradually recovers and the winter gets closer and closer, colder and colder, the share price should appreciate. It is matter of where to start to appreciate from.

      I would watch the share price in the coming few days and pick a low entry point near $7 or below to buy the first 10% of the total number of shares that you feel comfortable to risk and continue to watch it for consideration of future average down or average up. By February 2005, we have cold weather everywhere and the share price should be much higher than what it is now, imo.

      Good luck!

    • "Enjoy.. because the days won't be too long, HeHeHe!"- by sucker

      * You are right, Taiwan will still be there when you are gone!

      Keep what you said for yourself?!


    • kids, enjoy! This is the end of 2004, I will say things will happen within five years.

      Enjoy as long as Taiwan is still an "independent" and "soveregin" "nation", becasue the days won't be too long, HeHeHe!

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