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  • com20002005 com20002005 Feb 22, 2005 7:37 AM Flag

    $0.4 per ADR share- TSM Dividend

    TSM plans to pay approximately US$0.4 per ADR share (or NT$2.5 per share in Taiwan):

    Based on closing price of $8.97 per ADR share, it's about 4.4% dividend.

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    • I looked at a Dec statement last night and the rate for the money market was 1.55, while the tax free AAA Mars were getting 1.75.

      I sure hope that it will go above 10 by April. Would not mind to sell to the shorts at that point.

    • Auri, thanks for sharing. Hmmm...short-term munis, huh? What are the rates like today?

      I just reviewed my Schwab commish for last year. I don't trade enough to make it worthwile to switch to an annual fee structure.

      Good luck on your covered Apr10 calls. The May MSCI reweighting will be in your favor. However, the Taiwan gov't will be dumping TSM shares this year, so it could come down to timing.

    • They are tax free municipal bonds that renew in 7, 21, or 35 day intervals. Interest rates are re-set at those times. You can find them in AAA and insured as well. They are tax free and the yield is a little lower than the taxable counterparts. Better than a money market rate, by far. I never went below AA, and always got one that was insured. Interest is acrued daily and you can get out of them for 100, any day. AGE has a list of the ones they have available that also gets renewed daily.
      Ahm one hitch, most trade in 25K increments, some even in 50k. But again, if you are interested in this type of account, you are not sitting on just 10K, am I right?

    • MARS sounds good. Never heard though. What are they? I've thought about short-term bond funds before but they can fluctuate as well.

      Schwab and now Brown both offer the best bid/ask from all the exchanges (including ISE), so i just do online orders. I should try what you're suggesting when I'm doing large lots. Rollouts have a better chance of improving the bids/asks as the floor gets to work both sides.

    • They used to, not anymore. I started to put parked cash into MARS, especially the tax free kind. You can get in and out any day and with zero cost.

      I have a friend that uses Brown and I will start something up with them in the near future to do a little day trading. But for the main stay and the strategy, I like AGE (or ML). It can be quite lucrative to be able to go to the exchange that has a higher bid or lower ask by a nickel. This by itself pays for the annual fee, in my mind. As well as 50 contracts or higher go to their floor manager who will shop it around. That is sometimes worth a dime, when it comes to in the money rolls.

    • Auri, i've heard about the ML fee structure before. 1-1.5% would be worthwile with the amount of trades you make.

      I'm stuck with Schwab for my company 401K and the stock commish is painful at $0.015/share. A couple of turns at the volumes we're talking about would pay for the yearly fees. Even excercised covered calls are charged the per share commish at Schwab. Brown only charges a flat $19 for excercised options regardless of volume.

      BTW, does AGE have good money market rates? It's nice to get decent yield on parked cash that's backing short puts.

    • You must not have learned how to spell kindergarten, I guess. But hey, I am sure where you are from they called it the "Young Maoists" or the "Young Pioneers"

    • This idiot is better than that com2000 shit.
      At least he knew he is "in kindergarden", and he also said that is "probably not too far off the truth":

      Re: samkdm
      by: auriculatus2004 02/22/05 09:51 pm
      Msg: 27213 of 27237

      Beam me up samkdm, there is no intelligent life down here!!!

      Thanks, I thought for a while I was in kindergarten (which is probably not too far off the truth).

      Happy call selling to you!

    • I put him on ignore, too.

    • Just try Ameritrade or eTrade!
      you do know these are online brokers, do you?

      Kid, you are stupid as hell,
      I don't have time to educate you any more.
      Sorry, you are on my ignore buttom.

      Just don't play with real money, kid!

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