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  • sucker2k2 sucker2k2 Feb 25, 2005 7:44 PM Flag

    Taiwan - China Modernization Catalyst

    China has been a peaceful country in her 5000 years in history, especially compared with the European countries in the past 600 years. Chinese people are easily contented. They have never been aggressive. This is why China has been an easy victim for the foreign imperialists for the past 200 years.

    Taiwan independence movement has been the main catalyst for the China's military moderization in the past couples of years. If there is no Taiwan problem, China may still be a sleeping country and try to live its life day by day.

    After KMT moved to Taiwan since 1949, China has never been aggressive enough to take over Taiwan until the recent Taiwan's effort to break away from China.

    The "outside stimulation" has been an important factor to push China to progress forward. Foreign arms sales is in the same situation. The most recent example is the Israel Phalcon AWACS sale to China.

    US governmnet has forced Israel to cancel the billion dollar Phalcon AWACS (Airborn early-Warning And Control System) deal to China in 2000. At that time China was jumping up and down, and mad as hell.

    But China has immediately initiated the full scale development on its own AWACS. It gave the highest national priority and set its heart to do it. The results have been very rewarding. It has the prototype made, and the test flight was in the late 2003. The deployment is expected in 2005. They have so much confidence in their prototype, they have started the production of it. US Intelligence sources has reported the Chinese version of AWACS is at least "as good as" and "may be better" and "more updated" than the Israel version.

    If US governmnet didn't stop Israel to sell Phalcon AWACS to China back in 2000, China may still not have its own technology on AWACS. This tells how important is the "outside stimulation".

    Let hope the US will succeed to stop EU to lift arms embargo to China, Taiwan indepnedence efforts are alive and still alway out there. US neoconservatives are alive and have full influence on its governmnet. Why? Because China needs these outside stimulations to progress forward.

    How bad is CSB, LTH, DPP,...? They are not as bad as you thought after all. They also did their contribution to world peace because a stronger China and a multipolar world make a much safer world.

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    • If FBI really cares about this, you will be the first one taken as a witness, and FBI will quickly find out you turn out to be a bloody fool. You will then be kicked out to the street.

    • Sucker needs more dirty people such as "Azzhole" Syoung to back him up?

      Sucker's challenge to FBI certainly needs his group to get more people (Wow, Mxy, Cyber/Magi/iWoo/Holder, Syoung, fasthop ..) to support him??

    • Azzhole, no one on this board leaves questions unanswered except you. Your reading comprehension is horrible.

    • US is Human Rights Voilator
      by: sucker2k2 02/27/05 11:05 pm
      Msg: 27412 of 27435

      From earlier slave trade, civil right oppression, racial discrimnation, to inhuman prison treatments, there is no nation on earth that violate human rights so much as United States did in its short 200 years of history

      As Amnesty International claimed:

      "Despite its claims to international leadership in the field of human rights and its many institutions to protect individual civil liberties, the USA is failing to deliver the fundamental promise of rights for all. There is a persistent and widespread pattern of human rights violations in the USA. Human rights violations appear to disproportionately affect people of racial or ethnic minority backgrounds. Police brutality is common across the country, as are human rights violations against people in detention. The increase in crimes punishable with capital punishment, its imposition for crimes committed by people below 18 years of age and the continuous increase in executions contravene international human rights standards. The increase in the practice of detaining asylum-seekers is alarming as is the fact that many continue to be held in jails with criminals, and there is no judicial review of their continued detention."

      President George Bush visited EU last week, the EU leaders talked with Bush about US human rights issue related to the prison treatment at Guantanamo and, EU also called on the US to sign up to the International Criminal Court. US had refused to sign on that because US worried that its military personnel may receive more severe treaments in the international court if they violate the international laws related to human rights.

      About your mother's answer, you have to ask sucker directly.

    • Cyber/Magi/jWoo/Holder.. is (are?) supporting the distortion:

      "From earlier slave trade, civil right oppression, racial discrimnation, to inhuman prison treatments, there is no nation on earth that violate human rights so much as United States did in its short 200 years of history"

    • Then you two asked the questions & afraid of the answer:

      * Sucker- "There is no nation on earth that violate human rights so much as United States did in its short 2000 years of history. Why there is no one on this board to talk about?
      " (MSG# 27371)

      * Holder- "do you have such knowledge depth to appreciate what sucker said?"

      ** Answer- "Besides your organization, may be FBI or CIA will have the knowledge to APPRECIATE."

      [Don't ask the question, if you can't take the answer!]

    • "He can dig out lots thing about your mother that no one knew yet."

    • yes, com2000 is afraid of the digger. He worries the digger will dig all the dirty things he wants to cover.

      That's ok, com2000, sucker is just try to help. He can dig out lots thing about your mother that no one knew yet.

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    • hi, com2000:

      You may have sucker to dig out how many men your mon has slept with. He certainly can help you more than what FBI or CIA can.

      Good night, sleep tight, and it's ok your mom is not a virgin. Heheheheh!

      from sucker:

      I understand how com2000. It is just like some body told him his mother is not a virgin. He cried and cried. He wanted FBI and CIA to get even with that guy. But, com2000, in this case, your mother is not just not a virgin, she has slept with lots men, too!

      If you don't believe me, ask your mom, Hehehe!

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