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  • tsmstrong tsmstrong Mar 1, 2005 7:02 PM Flag

    Human Rights and US

    Without the US, where would the average person be IRAQ today? How about the women and children who were killed on Monday by a suicide bomber? The everyday folks in IRAQ need the US's help. Where is China? How are they helping the world?

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    • If you are "really" interested in politics, this is the way how I get started:

      1. No matter which citizenship you have, if you are interested in the current world politics, I guess you have to read one or two good serious books on American history as a start. United States is such important nation in this world, you simply can't ignore it. If you are a US citizen, especially a naturalized US citizen, there is absolute no excuse not take effort to read the complete American history. The book I recommended is by Howard Zinn. That is also the textbook my son used in the high school.

      2. If you are puzzled about the US foreign policy, such as why Korea war, Viet Nam war or the latest Iraq war, I guess Noam Chomsky is a good start point. You may not agree with him completely, but he is definitely very straight forward and insightful. New York Times hailed Noam Chomsky as "arguably the most important intellectual alive." Just go Google search, type in "noam chomsky", it will come out 829,000 items. Chomsky is "that" powerful. But exactly who is Chomsky? you can find on the free Wiki Encyclopedia here:

      3. If you are "really" "really" interested in politics, you should take it much more seriously. You can pick out a small interesting area and get into it. It takes lots time and efforts. But you are definitely not alone. There are many other individuals work even harder than you. The ones win my most admiration are: Anup Shah, a computer science professional now working in England. He runs the web site on his own spare time and cost. A truly high quality site, highly recommended: Dr. Norbert, a German physician. This site provides lots informative links. A very useful site, highly recommended:

      4. Who am I? Lots retarded idiots call me communist. As I said before, I considered myself a world peace lover, freedom fighter, human rights defender, and a patriotic Chinese American.

      What I do for living? I do nothing for living. I am a retired corporate executive. I post here on Yahoo board for fun.

      Do I care about up and down of TSM? I don't. People at my age, either you made it or you don't. My life style won't change a bit if TSM down to zero tomorrow, kids.

      My advice to these retarded jerks who thought they know the politics:

      Before you say you know something, put your effort to do some research. Don't open your month like an idiot.

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      • 5. The events in American history have clearly told us that a bad unhealthy US-China relationship is detrimental to all Chinese Americans in this country. Taiwan problem is the main roadblock in this relationship.

        6. The benefits of all Chinese or Asian Americans is your one and only "ethnic interests."

        As an Asian American, you should guard your "ethnic interests" just like this governmnet guards its "national interests" in this world.


        On February 10, FBI chief David Szady said "There are 150,000 students from China. Some of those are sent here to work their way up into the corporations," and he said "The Chinese are stealing us blind, The 10-year technological advantage we had is vanishing."

        What exactly he meant?

        How many of the "150,000 students who work their way up into corporation" have became American citizen? Did he care to find that number out?

        Or he purposely mix the Chinese Americans and the Chinese?

        Did he try to give the hint to the American Corporates stop to hire American Chinese as he reminded the American corporates "it is important for companies and institutions to know with whom they are working?"

        Even more seriously, is this another racial profiling tactics just like the governmnet is doing on the Arab/Muslim Americans? Where is their human rights and where is our human rights in this great democratic country?

        For God' sack, Amnesty International USA has just charged the US law enforment (mainly FBI) for racial profiling on Arab/Muslim Americans in September last year, how he can be that forgetful?

      • Dear Sucker,

        It seems your thoughts are swayed by the elites - call it politics. Do you know who the american people are? Of of course I have read all types of American History - good and bad. Also you can find plenty of criticism; however, it seems that your thoughts don't capture who the american people are. Only what is supported from you elite political thought process.

        I gave some examples of what it is like to live in both China and the US. This is real - how most people experience life. Do you know the 1% of registered communist can have power in China. What is the name Chang?

        - Peter

    • Are you qualified to run for the US president? If you are, be sure let chinese government know when you want to do it. They will try hard to help you to get elected. And then they will pick a country somewhere in this world and pour their troops in. When they get trouble, like suicide bomber, insurgets, starved women and children, they just simply cally you. Where are you? People here need you help. Where is the US? How are you helping the world?

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