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  • ashuar2001 ashuar2001 Mar 28, 2005 10:19 AM Flag

    326, what 326?

    It was fun watching Illinois beat Arizona and Michigan St beat Kentucky over the weekend!

    326, what 326?

    I heard that our ugly bian president stole Bob Dylan's song and made it his own. And he wanted people to think that he was as great as Bob.

    Sooooooooooooooooo disgusting.

    How our president could have possibly done this kind of thing is beyond my imagination!

    It's like an ugly, old woman imitated a gorgeous girl's smile and body motions trying to attract people's attention. It makes me want to throw up!

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    • More dirty words for yourself- Magi/Cyber/jWoo..

    • How many "Just because ... does not ..." did you use? Wow, that was a lot, considering such a short statement. Well, I guess "more blue jerks ===> more right", "more people ===> legitimize", ..., are all very impressive. Now, do you have a quote who on this board said those? Oh, yes, I was trying to explain something about "chink" or "Chink" (as I said , I am not fussy about spelling and typoes. So, to me there are same). Well, sounds like we got a communication problem. Let me put it this way. I guess Jackson does not want to be black, does he? But that won't change the fact that he is black. Is this so hard to understand? Or do we have to invent an entirely new language? Now, I guess someone else has to explain those pairs "Just because ... does not ...", or you have a good idea who is responsible for the answers?

      Apparently, you are not in a good mood to write today. Sounds like you just went ahead to grab someone to paint blue or ... . Well, I was honored as a "blue jerk". LOL, can you show me which posts of mine show or imply that I am blue? Did I ever praise Lien/Soong? I can tell you that I did praise some green people, but not blue ones, never. But be careful, don't mistake me as a supporter of taiwan independence.

      I said that you look like a suicidal bomber, but I have never mentioned "terrorist". Why do you label yourself like that? Or maybe the better question to ask is why do you confuse the two terms "suicidal bomber" and "terrorist"? They are conceptually different. I suggest you find a dictionary to check carefully and to think clearly. What I wanted to say is that "suicidal bombers" always make sure whom they kill are all enemies except themselves, while you don't seem to care whom your targets are, but just go ahead to shoot.

      I haven't been here for a few weeks (too busy) and I have just noticed that you appear so differently from you used to be. Take good care of yourself.

    • You know yourself quite well?

    • More dirty words for yourself- Magi/Cyber/jWoo..

    • "you are way too extreme"?

    • Shut up already!

      As a female (if you truly are one), you are way too extreme.

      Stop arguing, make money on TSM.

    • I have no more hatred to you than many(if not all) of you fellow blue jerks to us.
      Just because there are more blue jerks on this board, does not make you more right. Just because
      there are more people in China does not legitimize China to take Taiwan by force. Just beacuse you didn't think I knew what the word chink(fyi, I said Chink, not chink)meant does not mean I don't know what it means. Just because there are very few greens on this board, does not mean I am the only fighter on this board.

      I post on this board for 2 main reasons:
      1) to learn about the what, how and why of the ways of you blue jerks;
      2) to speak up whenever I have time and when I think you blue jerks are getting way out of line.

      What flames you are talking about? You should count the number of blue flame on this board. I have been posting on and off since 2001, I have never seen any of you blue jerks posting anything good about the greens. Any flame coming from me was largely because I was incensed at you blue jerks' incessant attacks,slanders, put-downs,...on the greens.

      My flame will burn my 'accomplices' on this board?

      Your fellow accomplices scorched the board with stupid political postings long ago. I was just an onlooker and occasionally a passive participant.

      Don't worry about complaints about me from my so called 'accomplices'. Furthermore, I would like to know who have gripes about me from the greens.

      So you thought I could be a suicidal bomber. Do you think that by labeling me with this tag, it will make me guilty of being a terrorist? Or is this a mild form of threat of bodily harm from you?

    • I can always smell intense hatrid from your posts. Like you said, they spout by despair. Well, I understand your situation, but have you checked what the word "chink" really means? Based on your posts, I don't think you really know this word. I am not fussing about the spelling or typoes, but whether you are a chink is really not decided by "you want" or "you don't want". The bottom line is that "chink" never mean the citizen of China only. It happened to be something decided by your ancestries. Well,..., I know you don't care what they think, but don't you think you still have a few accomplices on this board? Your flame could burn them too. Umm ... so far so good, none of them has ever complained about you, or maybe they'll never complain about you. LOL. Have you heard suicidal bombers? They kill their enemies together with themselves, but they can do it only once as they disappear physically. To me, you look like a "suicidal bomber", too, but the difference is that you can do it infinitely many times and you kill your enemies AND YOUR BUDDIES as well ... luck.

    • yes,i am a cow-bai dead-wen-long.
      and you are a cow-yao green-shiitt.
      your father com321 is a lam-par dead-wen-dee.

    • You are not a magic-pie, you are a cow-pie; and a bum on top of that.

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