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  • tsm00holder tsm00holder Apr 23, 2005 2:22 AM Flag

    Let's All Put com2000 on IGNORE


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    • As I recall, you still have not answered the question raised by McMEM. When are you going to answer that, and those from sucker?

    • "This bitch really got personality problem. She sleeped with CSB's dog for too long"?

      - Good self-description, 00Holder??

    • >>> * Cyber= Magi= jWoo= 00Holder= ash= step= syo= abort= fas= dude= .. A larger team is needed??


      Barking Bitch Prostitue, Don't miss tcth, and many many other people, such as ash, cheng, strong, McM, wowgoner, fast, talk, abort, ... LOL!

      The whole board is making fun on this barking bitch.

      "common ground", no, you need a "common bed" to do your business on, LOL!

    • Why they have to have so many members using dirty words for their echos?

      So nervous about com who pointed out their distortions??

    • Good point! Why Sucker Group so nervous about their echos?

    • different point of view? Who cares. We just have fun here. I like what cyber and Magi have been doing. Just kick his as$ and don't worry about the animal protection law. He is tied to the stake, not going anywhere.

    • c'mon, guys, this is not a big deal, not the end of the world. Taiwan will be still there tomorrow, Uncle Sams will still be backing up Taiwan the day after tomorrow. sucker is even not bothered to debate with you guys, is that funny?

      to tsm-strong: what I means is:

      It's yes and no.

      Yes, considering all these factors I mentioned in its "short" 200 years of history, I agree there is a "high" probability that US is "the most" human rights violator in the world.

      No, it is difficult to compare each country on the absolute quantitative base of human rights.

      If anyone tells me US is the most human rights defender in the world, I will be amazed by this guy's ignorance. If he tells me it's Austria, Switzerland or Denmark, then "may be". But it is still not a big deal. Human rights so what? Does people there get a better life?

      Anyway, for God's sack, definitely not US. Not US 200 years ago, 150 years ago, 100 years, not even now. But that doen't mean US-pa-pa won't defend you guys tomorrow.

      sucker, as he said he is a "Chinese American", he seems only cares about the interests of his own kind. He knew where the interest of Chinese Americans. You guys are even not the US citizen. You don't know where is the interests of "Chinese Americans".

    • tsmstrong, can you see it? All you have to do is throw him a rock, or if you like, throw him a bone stick.

    • "He is just a dog tied up to a skate in a street, waiting for every passby to kick his as$ or throw him a rock. Then he will bark happily, angrily, enjoyfully,... He likes it so much that he will get anxious if no one is doing that to him for a while."

      - Good description for 'One Sucker after Another' who came out to distort U.S. using Uglily Digged Out Infomation to represent the whole picture?

    • What different point of view. The view is always the same, and the Sucker group is the best! God (dare I say), it is a little boring.

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