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  • McMEM McMEM Jan 17, 2002 10:31 PM Flag

    Deleted Message

    >> If you agree that PRC(China) is a militant nation that will stop at nothing to conquer ROC(Taiwan), why wouldn't that qualify China as a THUG nation?

    Since PROC states that she will stop at nothing to conquer ROC, including the use of militarily force, it is fair to call her a militant nation. PROC and ROC are still at war, though in a stalemate situation, with both sides claiming Taiwan to be portion of their territory. A thug is a person for hire to roughen another person. Back in the middle age, a bandit of Indians, known as thugs, would assassin for a fee. I do not believe it is fair to label the soldiers on either side as thugs.

    However, it is proper to label some senior officers appointed by Moses as thugs. They assassin a young Navy officer who blocked their $ path.

    >> If this were not sophistry, I might call you McMEM, instead of McBabe, a name harnjee gave you.
    McBabe was first used by ssd, your other rescuer. Your friend hanjane never posted anything suggesting that he graduated from high school. McMEM is a micro device that I pioneered back in the 80s. Have I demonstrated that I did not mislead you with fallacy?

    >> Who is Moses?
    The biblical Moses was a Jew rescued by the Pharaoh from the dire. The king gave him food, home, love, education, training, equality and a high position, yet he bit the hands that fed him. Moses claimed to be a prophet with divine inspiration and would lead his blind faith followers to the Promised Land, yet the deceived were lost in the desert. However, the biblical Moses was not corrupted, and the modern king emancipated the slaves.

    >> Just when did I advocate killing of all non-fukinese?
    Please check the earlier postings by your fukinese "friends."

    >> If [Lee Teng-hui] pocketed billions from the navy budget, why would DPP NOT distance themselves from him?
    Beat the shit out of me. Excuse my language, but do you like to answer that question? Were you deceived? brainwashed? misled? Do you believe that Moses only has NT$1M?

    >> If the ruling party were KMT/PFP/NP, would Taiwan be able to avert the recession?
    Thought you never ask. Any ROC ruling party can attract foreign investments by appointing officials based on experience and competency, and by arresting Moses for corruption. Wouldn't Taiwan be able to avert the recession if we squeeze $5B from Moses, and invest the $ as seed to attract diverse SOTA high tech companies? Many countries have 50% tax rate.

    >> DPP has to overcome tremendous obstacles from the opposition parties who act more like the enemies within.
    Exactly, now you understand the cause of problems. Why did the opposition parties act like the enemies within? Now do you understand the cost of discrimination? Now do you understand the cost of corruption by Moses?

    >> Our VP has the guts to stand up to Beijing. I respect her for that. Beijing must fear her.
    When? When did IBM do any of these? As the VP of all Taiwan citizens, she must have done a lot to promote the welfare of all Taiwan citizens, right?

    >> Lee Teng-hui is Taiwan's [secret] weapon against China. China fears him.
    Really? Since when does PROC fear him? If he is the secret weapon, please send him to the front line and do the actually fighting. As the P of all Taiwan citizens, he must have done a lot to promote the welfare of all Taiwan citizens, right? What is the ratio of per capita income between citizens of Taiwan vs. Singapore, pre- and post- Moses?

    >> God bless Lee Teng-hui.
    I can forgive the corruption. I can ignore the discrimination. But God bless a Chinese president who wants to be a jap? Are you wearing a T-shirt with jap flag or militarily logo?

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