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  • tsmstrong tsmstrong May 21, 2005 1:42 PM Flag

    US Overstated China Military Spending

    I cannot read this. What does it say?

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    • In short, the news reported that communist Chinese government hires and trains professional chat room opinion steering teams. You can conclude easily that there got be one or more teams hired by communist Chinese government and are resident on this TSMC board.

      Suckers has more than enough years of services and probably was qualified for retirement "yesterday", lol.

      • 3 Replies to lau_wang
      • Sucker's posts have quality and not too many posts on this board can match.

        The most recent example is the Out Space Peace Treaty. Can anyone provide any any counter proof that he distorted the fact? his links are not the valid?

        Nop, No one, No a single one, not lau wang, not tsmstrong, not com20002005 or anyone else.

        Why? these people have never heard Out Space Peace Treaty, have never know US has abstention from it, and has vowed to militarilize the space. They hate his posts because they heard something new, something they can't prove it to be false. They don't want to hear the truth, the truth that especially is different from what is in the main news media.

        sucker used the metaphor that someone hates the news that his mother is not virgin because he never thought this question before, and worst of all, he found the news is the truth in every way. This guy is scared, he scared because sucker said something that turns out to be truth in every respect. sucker said he pities this guy.

      • Actually, this is a complaint that I have brought up before in this chat room. It appears that much of what is said is propaganda to steer opionion by some folks. It is great to have various opinions; however, it has been clear to me that some folks have China to much at heart.

        The US people have many opinion because of who they are, i.e. free media, multiple parties, and many freedoms. The chinese government controls opinions tightly. The taiwan issue does not get free play in China. The governement does not allow for divergent views. In my many trips to China (actually I lived there in 2002), there where almost no chinese who thought that Taiwan should be independent - this is unbelivable. In the US and other free countries, you almost always have folks who take the position of the other side, and this gives a more balanced view of the world. The danger with China is that group think could run the country to disaster without any checks or balances.

        The propaganda folks have a shot at "steering" becasue the folks who hold various opinions are subject to a proponderance of "bulshit". I started to complian aobut this mainly becasuse I would rather get a more full understanding of issues from an international perspective, but feel at times that I need to help bring more balance to the room rather then epxress a paticular divergent opionion or set of facts. I have leaned much from Sucker; however, I have asked him direclty to go back to when he posted more facts and less propaganda.

      • lau-wang-bar is here again.
        you know what is going to happen to tsm on monday.
        good luck to everybody.

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