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  • sucker2k2 sucker2k2 May 24, 2005 12:05 PM Flag

    US Overstated China Military Spending

    Well, I am glad that tsmstrong is certainly learning.

    There are more things he should learn:

    Before he quotes anything, he should first to know what he is quoting. For example, he should find out who is "John Tkacik Jr"? What he does for living? What is connection between he and Taiwan CSB governmnet, especially his relationship with DPP.

    I didn't say John is not witty, charming or even maybe a caring and sensitive gay lover. I didn't say he is better or worse than Bill Gertz either. But, boy-o-boy, please don't embarass yourself by quoting what that idiot said. Even CSB himself wants to stay away from that idiot after the election last year.

    To quote what John Tkacik Jr is a clear indication of ignorance.

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