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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited Message Board

  • I'm curious Jeff, why are you here?

    haven't added anything of substance to this board since
    you decried the stock dividends as dillutive. Since
    then, you have produced a steady stream of insults,
    invectives and personal attacks in lieu of argument. A sure
    sign, as any debater can tell you, of a lost

    Now, I know that you hate Taiwan and all Taiwanese.
    That's irrelevant. As you posted before, there is
    another board for discussing politics. What about TSMC?
    Do you own shares? If not, would you? If not, do you
    have a logical reason or is it more of your emotional

    TSMC is one of Taiwan's Blue chips. It is also one of
    Taiwan's best-liked companies, not least because of its
    dividend history. While I'm not sure I would buy the ADR,
    I will buy in Taiwan soon, before the fall run-up.
    In Taiwan, the stock is driven by emotions, much
    like many posters here. At least that makes it
    predictable. If you know what I mean. And I think you


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    • Hi, Jeff

      Thank you for your invitation. I
      apologize for not replying to you promptly.
      I just came
      back from a vacation this morning. Please give me a
      mail at when your time is


    • Hi pal,

      Long time no see. I would like to compare notes on TSMC's financial pictures with you in private, if you are interested. Please let me know. Thanks.

    • This is my first visit to this board too -and I'm
      wondering what the heck I've logged onto.Just one question-
      do ANY of you mules, snakes, Red dragons, Samourai
      et al happen to own any TSM stock? Also is anyone
      personally familiar with the company? And does anyone have
      any thoughts on where the stock is headed? Here's
      wishing you all Love,Peace & Happiness

    • I would like to join this venomous board in
      defense of that beautiful island called Taiwan. I beg to
      differ with you when you describe the people as decadent
      and immoral, on my visits their I was impressed with
      their kindness. Regarding the dark side of their
      society, I would like to know what other developed nation
      does not share these attributes.

      P.S. I
      thought this board was for people invested in Taiwan

    • Fantastic!
      Please keep on posting like that
      until �Red Guard� revolutionizes all of you and your
      nuts treemates.

      Damning "RED Guard" only makes
      you feeling like a superior mule. You are still a

    • Wow! I think my prophesy is fulfilling itself
      right here on this message board. Now we have a
      "SAMURAI" coming to the assistance of the formosa
      independence movement advocasts!! I am sure the Japanese would
      love to occupy Taiwan again and use it as a
      stepping-stone towards invading the rest of Asia again.

      Am I a strange species (which) never wash(es)(its)
      mouth and talk dirty? Well, I guess the answer is yes,
      but ONLY when I have to communicate with inferior
      organisms like you on this message board. I simply have no
      choice. It is for the sake of effective

      Next, let's examine who resembles animals better.
      Talking dirty wouldn't make someone an animal, for
      animals can't speak. It is the bestial behaviors
      demonstrated in the formosa legislative bodies by the
      "congress men and women" elected by "voters" like you make
      someone animals. But, to you, that kind of behavior
      represents the true spirit of "Democracy". Right??

      As far as "decencies" I can learn from "you", well
      go ahead
      and name all of them: alcohole abuse,
      heavy smoking, betel nut chewing by dozens, big talks,
      violence towards anyone who does not share your values,
      violence towards women and children, prostitution,
      pimping, copyright infringements, gambling, going
      everywhere in a smelly T-shirt and a pair of thongs ....and
      so on. Yes, I do have a long long way to go in terms
      of learning "decencies" from you.

      SHAME, and SHAME (in English)

    • If you are one of the products of the "Red
      Guard", please leave this board ! I know that you guys
      are fighting all the time. You can denounce almost
      everyone including your siblings and parents. That damn
      "Cultural Revolution" killed the best seeds in the Chinese
      gene pool. In its place, an anti-evolutionary
      phenomena promoted the garbage we see now on this thread.
      After reading your posts, I feel it will require 10
      more generations to re-generate a healthy Chinese

    • Hi Patriot,

      If you currently own shares of
      TSM, just hold on the them. If you are contemplating
      to "long" the stock, I would strongly recommend you
      wait for a while.

      To prevent any
      disinformation campaigns from being launched here thus render
      you more confused, I would prefer not to elaborate

      For further questions pertaining to
      finance, I'll be glad to discuss with you else

      Thank you for your vote of confidence.

    • SAMURAI101, mammal also known as a Mule, hybrid
      offspring of the male ass and the female horse, used in
      Taiwan as a beast of burden. The head, ears, croup, and
      tail resemble those of the ass, but in stature the
      Mule resembles the horse. The Mule is infertility, but
      both female and male signals �CHEESE, CHEESE, and
      CHEESE (in Taiwanese)� in its mating season.

    • Jeff, You lost me. Should I buy or sell this stock?- P7

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