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  • goldeld goldeld Sep 16, 1998 4:58 PM Flag

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    No, Taiwan is near China, Taiwan has strong military power to defend herself from the invasion of China and strong economic power to influence/destroy communist China.

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    • anyone knows it was buying or selling ???

      Ths in advance...

    • ......

    • If I had to guess, I'd say they went to S'pore
      because Philipps wanted to go there. TSMC needs the
      technology and a JV is just about the only way they are
      going to get it. So, they go with the flow, which led
      to the Lion City.


    • IMHO,
      TSMC already has a lot of FABS in
      Taiwan. They probably don't want to put all their 'eggs'
      in one basket. Also, TSMC and Phillips have a 3rd
      partner a financial? firm from Singapore.
      What do yall

    • did i say 1998 ooohhh i ment 1999 ... na just
      kidding . i am just wrong so far buuuttt , its still
      gonna come a buying frenzy, i say , they will be
      standing in line to buy um. these are just better prices
      and more profit down the road.

    • Philips is played a key role in the deal. It is
      the majority owner. The question would turn out to

      1. Why did Philips choose Singapore instead of
      2. Why did TSMC co-invest with Philips instead of
      invest alone?

      The answer for question 1 is
      obvious because of the diversification. The Singapore has
      much less political instability in the next 5-10
      years, which Taiwan could not provide.

      The answer
      for question 2 is that the deal gives TSMC an
      excellent investment opportunity, which nobody would miss.

    • HI

      Anyone out there knows why TSMC will
      investment in Singapore instead of in Taiwan?? Logically
      speaking, Taiwan's high tech industry base is in much
      better shape than Singapore. So why would Philips/TSMC
      choose Singapore? Also, it may be easier for
      TSMC/Philips to invest in Taiwan since they already know this
      place pretty well. They have to start from the scratch
      in Singapore. Well, if you think EDB of Singapore
      offers some goodies for TSMC/Philips, I am sure the
      Development Fund of Executive Yuan can offer the same, if not
      better deal, since Premier Shiao has been trying hard to
      boost domestic consumption/spending.

      So why
      Singapore, not Taiwan??? This deal seems a bit tricky to

      I heard Wafertech is doing not too good. Any


    • IMO the gov. in japan will see they must fix ther
      banking problem , and they will after a little more fine
      tuning the agreement to date. the Postal Saving account
      is loaded with cash ready to go as soon as it looks
      like the market is going up . the Japanese people are
      tired of .5% on there monies . the U>S> Market on
      interest rates is heading down ,so putting money in U S
      isnot such agreat option .we have overreacted to the
      downside, heard mentality is very common . Asia still is to
      large to continue to fail. all in all i cant see more
      downside risk i just wish Japan had more baby boomers vs.
      over 60 society not till 2008 will this change.

    • No, Taiwanese will welcome Chinese to invade
      Taiwan because the invasion will create thousands of
      Taiwanese trillionaires overnight. Why: The occupation will
      make RMB an official currency in Taiwan. All of us
      know that those Taiwanese are experts on
      counterfeiting RMB.

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      • Isn't this message board about TSMC?

        anybody know if TSMC is buying any stocks back?
        would seem that with continuous stock dividends you'd
        have tons of stocks outstanding. What are your
        opinions on this?

      • Taiwanese will welcome communist China to invade
        Taiwan, because Taiwan will destroy commuist China, then
        China will split into several nations, those
        "counterfeiter expert" Taiwanese will run to thost
        post-communist nations to make counterfeiting RMB, they will
        become trillionaires with trillion useless RMB as you
        said. But I am not worry about them as long as they do
        not make counterfeit TSM/TSMC stock certificates

    • Under President Lee�s One-China-Two-Wives policy the Chinese will own 50% of the Taiwan after one generation, and 75% of the Taiwan after another generation.

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