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  • heeshow heeshow Sep 23, 2000 6:59 AM Flag

    Sorry, TSM in Taiwan is NT$ 106.5

    Any recommondation for this stock? Thanks

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    • That excerpt was taken from a midnight update
      (Eastern time USA), that takes a gander at Asia markets at
      the time (

      Sometimes it's a
      predictor for how TSM ADR's might perform at the open in
      the USA.

      If news suddenly comes out when
      Taiwan markets are closed, then the US reacts and Taiwan
      follows. If news comes out when Taiwan markets are open,
      then Taiwan reacts and the US follows. Gets very

    • One TSM ADR share=5 TSM common shares. So,The price of TSM share in Taiwan is (T$106.5/31) X5=$17.178.

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      • in US is equivalent to five TSM shares in Taiwan. Seems the ratio is kind of low.

      • TSM bought in Taiwan must be sold in Taiwan, not
        in the US. TSM ADR can be sold in the international
        market where the demand to supply ratio is

        Even the same TSM ADR most likely will be sold much
        less in the after-hour market here in the US and must
        be paid much more to buy the same in the after-hour

        It is matter of demand and supply, imho.

        and UMC are winners everyday, everyweek, and
        everyyear as long as integrated circuits are needed for
        computer, communications, signal processing, appliance,
        networking,... and whatever and whereever electronic market is

        Even more is that the IC foundry industry
        is capital intensive business, the bigger onee make
        most of the money and can afford to upgrade equipment
        to attract more orders and make even more money. It
        is very difficult for small guys (even big boys like
        IBM, Intc) with or without deep pockets to enter this
        business, imho.

        Good luck!

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