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  • jh1wlr jh1wlr Oct 3, 2000 3:18 PM Flag

    It's not too late to sell NOW !!!

    It's still not to sell NOW, TODAY!
    Market still has 45 min to close.

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    • stkking2: Maybe "GO BACK TO TAIWAN" is a little
      bit too strong. We don't want anyone getting
      emotional here. But I do agree with you and jhlwr, we
      shouldn't take side on Taiwanese politics.
      Hah, maybe
      we all will be thankful to jhlwr tomorrow. Like
      Gaintop, jhlwr knows something about this stock. We'll

    • one should not take side on Taiwanese politics.
      we should talk about only the benefits of TSM adr
      shareholders here in this board.

      If you have to take
      side, and be some taiwanese politician's cheerleader,
      NOT WANT SEE YOU HERE !!! we are sick of people
      taking side on this board.

      about the ADR
      conversion. I read somethin in this board before, but didn't
      know taiwanese government doing that. it is bad to all
      adr shareholders here. why people just taking side of
      the politics, not sitting down to really look at what
      happened in adr conversion and dumping ???

    • you were. lol. TSM is going back to $50 in no
      time, imnho. Taiwanese government is determined to
      intervene with the market and protect TSMC against shorties
      like you. Do you need a hint how much cash they have
      in reserve to push you off the cliff?

      Re: It's not too late to sell NOW !!!
      by: jh1wlr
      10/3/00 3:45 pm
      Msg: 4378 of 4389

      I doesn't
      understand why you say today volume is a good sign. I think
      it is a BAD sign. It's about three times as average
      volume, but price didn't move too much. IT IS A DEMON

      Sell it NOW, BEFORE TODAY's mkt close. You still got
      15 minutes to go. SELL! SELL! SELL! You won't be
      sorry tomorrow.

      By the way, who is George
      Gilder? Can he read Chinese?

    • your posts. You are a nervous shortie. I am glad
      you are not living in Taiwan anymore. Taiwan does not
      welcome persons like you, imnho. LOL.

      You were
      yelling "Sell it NOW, BEFORE TODAY's mkt close. You still
      got 15 minutes to go. SELL! SELL! SELL! You won't be
      sorry tomorrow."

    • Let's see what Taiwan market will do tonight. If TSM can stand the shock from Nasdaq we may see it turn around here. Otherwise it will go all the way to my target.

    • jh1wlr:

      The previous post was not
      addressed to you but to several posts ahead. As far as you
      are concerned, wise up and be patient. Look at this
      chart from TSM's IPO to see if the Taiwanese TSMC
      produced wealth for the international ADC market or tool
      money from the community. Be a fair judge, my

    • lau_wang:

      If you are that smart, why you
      not talk about TSM ADR conversion?

      You should
      not take any side on Taiwanese politics unless you
      have your hidden agenda. If you want to be "President
      Chen"'s cheerleader, get off this board!

      Again, I
      give a shit about which Taiwanese politician is bad or
      good. I didn't say your "President Chen" is good or
      bad, I didn't say any Taiwanese politician is good or
      bad. I live in Taiwan before and I love that place,
      but TSM ADR got nothing to do with that. Don't get
      emotional !!!

      I only talked about the benefits of
      TSM ADR SHAREHOLDER. I just said the Taiwanese
      government should NOT convert their TSMC shares into
      American ADR shares and dumped into American market. Do
      you have any problem with that? Moron!

      got "moron filter switch", I believe I need to use
      that to turn you off. sorry.

    • You are shorting TSM with a downside insurance. Bad call, but you have plenty time to cover.

      Gone the bad news and the volume today marked the turn.

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