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  • lau_wang lau_wang Oct 30, 2000 1:39 PM Flag

    How many people want nuclear wastes to

    be dumped or buried in their backyards? Do you?

    Which existing nuclear power plant is the most
    dangerous and should be shut down first?

    Safer and
    safest should be changed to the most dangerous and the
    less dangerous, imo.

    Do you know what they said
    about the resale of the nuclear reactor ordered by
    Taiwan for the N0.4 nuclear power plant? They said "No
    way! Taiwan would not be able to sell it. That model
    was ordered so long ago and technology had improved
    so much since then. Who would buy such an old model

    The bottom line is the nuclear waste.
    Taiwan can not handle the nuclear waste generated by
    exiting nuclear power plants now. How can it handle more?
    Until this nuclear waste issue is resolved, no more
    nuclear power plants should be added to the land of
    Taiwan, imo.

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    • Taiwan does not have the capability to handle
      nuclear waste at this time, period. Those without
      capability of handling nuclear waste are not qualified for
      having nuclear power plant. period.

      This is the
      very reason German are phasing out their nuclear power
      plants as well.

      You are welcome to put those
      100-year low level stuff under your bed.

      Anyway, it does not matter how you or I feel, it is a
      public affair and will be resolved by the residents of

      And Yehhhhhh, TSM and UMC are up big time
      again. Keep the momentum going!

    • While the half life of spent fuel is 24K years
      (and US won't let you touch that), most chemicals
      deterioate a lot quicker. Half life of low level nuclear
      waste range from 90 days on the low end to 100 years on
      the high end. Even the half life of T is 10 years.
      Remember my words, knowledge is power, and get your facts
      straight. For more info, visit the web site of American
      Nuclear Society.

    • half-life cycle you feel comfortable with is 24,000 years. How old are you?

    • What you said is as true as claiming that Mao is
      the only and the best visionary politician in China.
      Those against him are selfish and stupid. Abian meet
      KMT since he believes DPP will be in ashes so that he
      needs to win support from KMT, which is as corrupted as
      he is.

      All those may not critical. The key is
      Abian has the highest EQ, he knows how to insult at the
      right time. Perfect timing. Even Nobel laureate
      complains that Abian only respected me for two days,
      President Lee at least respected me for two years. No
      wonder there are few votes for him from northern Taiwan.
      He won votes through those people who do not have a
      chance to observe him. Now he claims that the insults do
      not come form him. He will find another
      stone/scapegoats. The question is how many more people would
      believe him?

    • Well, I strongly believe that abian is the only
      and best politician in Taiwan. It may looks ugly when
      they announce the shut down
      of the 4th nuclear
      power plant but we all know
      he wins because no body
      dares to say any more
      "yes" to 4th neclear power
      plant due to the
      political situation. KMT and CMT
      are selfish
      and stupid. Abian is open-minded in
      the first place to call for a "whole-people"
      KMT and CMT not only incooperative but also

      keep on criticizing and blocking. Next year,
      is going to win the congress and KMT will
      be in
      ashes. That's why Soong and Lien have to meet. Let's
      wait and see.

      TSMC is going to boost. There is
      no more blocks
      in the road.

    • my business. I am not going to say a word; not a single word! LOL.

    • You have no idea how the politics worked in
      Taiwan. The politics have been played for several
      thousand years. Abian has the foggiest idea on playing
      politics. He has excercised very bad politics so far,
      either he learns or will be flunked out.

    • Invest in mutual fund as you obviously do not
      know the facts. The economy and politics of Taiwan are
      dominated if not controlled by USA. The spent fuel of the
      GE reactor will be shipped back to USA to make sure
      Taiwan cannot produce plutonium. The only nuclear waste
      to be generated are low level stuff.

      It takes
      years to plan any kind of power plant, be it nuclear or
      coal. By the time the N4 is finished, Taiwan will need
      and consume every single KW it can produce. Are you
      asking every single company to construct its own power

      It has been the policy of DPP to block N4, just as
      it has been the policy of DPP to block any major
      project of KMT. However, now that DPP is in power, it can
      no longer play the guerrilla warfare, and must think
      about the future of the Chinese/Taiwanese.

      It is
      a lot easier to bullshit than actually get the
      hands dirty and do the work. Chen should leave the real
      engineering work to engineers, and concentrate on catching
      the corrupted KMafia.

    • Do not worry. DPP will not last long if they
      continue behaving like this. They are handing Taiwan to
      China for free. The biggest gainer is mainland China.
      Mr. chen will be remembered as a traitor that messed
      up the economy on purpose so that China can take
      over easier.

      Democracy is a compromizing art.
      Imposing minority's wish on majority will never work. a
      compromized solution is the best solution; this is why USA
      prospers in the last few years.

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