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  • dsp_man dsp_man Jan 8, 2001 12:42 PM Flag

    Hey Wowgone,

    This Lau Tai Buster is attacking and calling
    Taiwanese cockroach. Since you kept saying you are against
    the separation of people in Taiwan so why didn't you
    say something.

    Well, I guess after all you are
    against the Taiwanese. It's no doubt you are just a
    manipulative as the dirty Soong. Just don't tell us you are
    against the separation of people.

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    • I have no intention of commiting any act of
      violence against anyone, and I am sure you are the type of
      person I can get along with. However, as I mentioned
      before, my only purpose is to deny those thugs from
      hijacking this message board. I will disappear as soon as
      the systematic attack stops.

    • I meant "not far away in the ocean" in my last post. Sorry for the typo.

    • sure he knows how to use excuses! that's what his lao-tai leader "water-flat" is best at. the only thing that lao tais know of.

    • As I mentioned before, my only purpose here is to
      neutralize the attacks against Taiwan and their
      democratically elected government. As soon as the political
      attacks dis-appear from this message board, you will not
      find any more posting from me. I apologize to everyone
      who was inconvenient by the activities here, but I am
      determined not to let propaganda from certain group drown
      out this message board.

    • We used to get along well and even inter-marry in
      old days. Life was peaceful and enjoyable at that
      time. Not anymore now.

      In order to gain power,
      DDP has been provoking hates and prejudices among
      people. Therefore, we don't trust each other anymore.
      Today's turmoils in Taiwan are the direct consequence of
      DDP's movements. You knew it, no matter you admit it or

      I still have some good Taiwanese friends in Taiwan;
      each time I went back there, I usually had good time
      with them. I can speak fluent Taiwanese, better than
      many of my Taiwanese friends. To me, you are just one
      of many demons created by DDP, which fools people by
      telling them that if they can drive mainlanders out of
      Taiwan, they (Taiwanese) can have everything they want.
      Therefore, I don't like people of your kind at

      My grandmom, parents, and some relatives are still
      in Taiwan. My grandpa served in the air force. My
      parents have good education in Taiwan. They all work very
      hard in their entire lives to contribute their shares
      to Taiwan. I'm very proud of them. I was born in
      Taiwan and a so-called mainlander by your definition.
      Who gave you the right to decide we shoud stay in
      Taiwan or not? Is this the democracy you are promoting?
      Tell you what. In Taiwan, we stay. Period!

      I'm a Chinaman, a chink, as you would yell at. But
      I'm very proud of my heritage. China has been working
      so hard to re-build itself and I believe someday it
      will gain its respect in the free world.

      don't have any self-esteem. Each time, when people yell
      at you and call you Chinaman, you crawl back to your
      cave and hide. You even yell Chinaman at the other
      Chinese, pretending you're not one of them. Next time,
      before you yell, look into a mirror and see if you see
      one. God, you're so ignorant!

      Yes, we lost the
      war and fled to Taiwan. So what? Like you never fail
      in your life BOZO! You don't know history, do you?
      Japan and Germany lost WWII, America lost the Vietnam
      War. Do they feel humiliated? No at all! Grow up,

      By the way, your ancesters lost the war
      to Manchu and fled to Taiwan too, not to mention
      that your ancesters were part of the Chinese who lost
      the war to Japan in 1895 and had Taiwan ceded. Want
      to deny that too?

      You and "harn jee" (sweet
      potato) are two impossible pinheads here. Hope you get on
      your lives easier.

      The end.

      • 4 Replies to ashuar2001
      • You are a good Chinese. But please don't waste
        your time and efforts on trying to reason with "the
        sons of Liu show lian."

        Human can not reason
        with cockroaches. The only effective and rational way
        to deal with cockroaches is to wipe them out!

      • to ask you to leave Taiwan. My kind will give
        evry one the chance to choise : dothing and become a
        Taiwan citizen, or you can apply for permanent residence
        status or you can leave the island.

        People born
        in USA called themself American, why should people
        born and raised in Taiwan refuse to acknoledge
        themself as Taiwanese ?? We have over 30% (from 10% 3
        years ago) of the people in Taiwan now idenify themself
        as Taiwanese (not Chinese). We have over 50 %
        (decrease from 80%) of them identify themself as Taiwanese
        and Chinese. We still have 20% of them see them as
        Chinese but not Taiwanese. If you the 20% and do not want
        to change your view, you may have only two choices.

      • Who gave you the right to decide we shoud stay in
        Taiwan or not?

        And who gave you the right to say
        Taiwan should be part of China?

        Listen you
        bonehead, I never say you guys shouldn't stay. What I was
        trying say is that if you think China is so great and
        Taiwan is a big mess, then you should pack up and move.
        Otherwise you should stay and make things better, instead
        of constantly attacking the people and government
        there. Unfortunately many of your kinds are poisoned by
        CCP's propaganda and conciously working for CCP's plot
        to occupy Taiwan. Your arms and legs are wide open
        to CCP and you have betrayed the people of Taiwan.
        This is the point I am trying to get across.

      • We used to get along well and even inter-marry in
        old days. Life was peaceful and enjoyable at that

        What the fuck are you talking about? We couldn't even
        form an opposition party without getting thrown into
        jail. Life was peaceful because KMT jailed and murdered
        all opposition.

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