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  • goldeld goldeld Mar 19, 2001 7:14 PM Flag

    wowgoner : Does your boss find out that

    you are too stupid to post anti-Taiwan messages
    here ? If he does, he will replace you with other Chinese student as he did before.

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    • sleep well at night, you are worry about losing your job ? The waiter's job is more suitable for you, if the US immigration officers catch you illegally work in the restaurant, you may tell those officers that you are the American Indian -- the original American, you want to kick out other races from American.

      I played the trick on you again, I knew you will reply the way to show you are not from Taiwan as I expect. Your communist government burn Han's historical books, so you never read the famous Han's historical story : " battling on the paper only ", so you believe the battling experience as well as knowledge can be passed down. The more you wrote the more you show yourself are not from Taiwan. The term "anti-revolutionist" which you used in China and described in your message 6876 is very similar to the term "communist" which was used by KMT 20 years ago in Taiwan.

    • WSJ/Dow Jones reported WSJ:Updates Taiwan Chip Business which included TSM.

    • goldeld,

      Don't bother responding to guys like Wowgone, wowgoner, soro, etc.. with any logical arguments. These guys are hardcore dirty Soong supporters who hate Taiwanese and think only mainlanders have right to rule Taiwan. These people are descendants of China's old corrupted feudal system and that's why people of Taiwan rejected their candidate in the first ever free election. Even though dirty Soong keeps saying that he is a Taiwanese, most Taiwanese know better than that.

    • communist boss.

      The more you wrote, the more you showed yourself is an idiot, your two stupid suggestions :

      (1)The Chiang Kai-Shark military who had experience of fighting communists and Taiwanese mountain people together can defend Taiwan from the invesion of Chinese communists ! The Taiwanese mountain people are much smart than you, they know all of the Chiang's military are over 70 years old, they discharged from military long time ago, so keep this stupid suggestion yourself.
      (2)As long as the Taiwanese mountain people speak the dialect not from china, then the Chinese communists will not invade Taiwan. The Taiwanese mountain know communists very well, they know the Chinese communists will invade any land if they can, then claim that land is PROC territory, the people live there are Chinese, the dialect they use is part of Chinese dialects. So keep this stupid suggestion yourself, but I have better suggestion for you to tell your boss : Since Russian, Korean, Turkish are also the dialects spoken in China, Your communist boss should claim Russia, Korea, Turkey are part of PROC .

      Dare you tell your boss that China is not communism any more? dare you tell your boss that China should not use the name of People ROC, because Chinese people are the slaves not the boss of communists.

      You play the communists' old trick to make conflict between Taiwanese, it will not work on me, but it works on the idiots like talkischeap, I have good suggestion for you, you and talkischeap move to China to live together, then it will be a good match, besides it will be a good start of both of your dreams of unification.

    • Wowgoner:

      Thanks for an intelligent post. You are using a fine art of debate: Extend your opponent's logic to an extent to demonstrate its absurdity. Unfortunately, for most DDT members, they are not well educated to understand it.

    • except mountain people should be kicked out from Taiwan, so the Chinese communists can take over Taiwan. The Taiwanes mountain people know that they can not defend Taiwan from the invasion of communists with their mountain knives, The Taiwanese mountain people hate communists, so keep the stupid suggestion yourself.

      Dare you speak out : Communists are the woe of Chinese, if the Chinese people kick out communists from China, then China will become much much better.

    • Although I knew you are also an idiot, I did not insult you, it because I knew you are from Taiwan, but now you deserve me to insult you.

      You are an idiot for the following reason :

      (1) You replied sauily the message which I specified it for dsp_man, while you claimed you are proud of the democracy of Taiwan.
      (2) You did not have a good argument to suppour why you think the other person is smart/stupid, then it just reflects who you are, ie, you think wowgoner is very smart, but wowgoner is very stupid, so it reflects that you are very stupid.
      (3)Your own ID : talkischeap, it means a person can not either think nor do the real thing, he can only talk, so it means this person is stupid.
      (4)much more ........
      If you are too stupid to understand these simple arguments, then I suggest you to move to live with wowgoner, it will be a good match.

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