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  • ashuar2001 ashuar2001 Apr 3, 2001 1:24 PM Flag

    Kim has integrity?

    nie si ch'ee-ger-lan, mo lam-par a dai-won dee (pig).

    And, Rhee Shu Lian looks like a whore in the Baw-Doe-Li. ch'aw jee-b'yai, lau gee-b'yai, mo lan gan. But, maybe you're eager to "gan" her with your tiny, little, and infected lan-jiaw... you're too itchy neh... pity pity...

    Chen Shue Bien is a god-damned jerk and has a lan-jiaw face. (will tell you later why he's such a jerk, if time allowed)

    Shyu Wen Long is a mother fucker and he looks like he wants to "gan nin mor" too -- I bet, you like him to gan nin mor for your honor, don't you? This dirty old man sure has "typical" tiny eyes and a monkey face.

    nin niar ch'ao jee b'yai!!!!! Yes, I've learned all these daily-used bad words from you the ugliest fucking Fujian Taiwanese, and are using them right back to you.

    Your kind of people are useless and worthless cockroaches. Cowards! Traitors! Garbages! Japanese toadies! Shit eaters!


    Warning: I could be super mean when attacked by evils. So far I have yet to lose a single war to any of you.

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