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    Had the US spy plane been collided in international air space, it would have fallen into the sea. But compelling evidence showed it fell on Chinese soil. If you're not careful, Whiteman will give Chinaman a 6 for a 9.

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    • Are you S or just acting S?

      You only included half of Hsu Wen-lung's statement. Why did he make such comment?

      While none of the DPP leaders made such statement, they made it a party policy to support such statement.

      Obviously your are ashamed of their action, then why do you still want to blindly support them if you are not brain washed?

      Previously you claimed that DPP is the best party to remove the corrupted KMT, but that is only half of the equation. The second half is to build a better governemnt. Use your head this time, and don't let them BW you again.

    • >> Many politicians still believes that the comfort women served willingly.

      None of the DPP leaders ever made such statement. They simply stated the women made the choice due to the circumstance at that time. They could either go or starve to death. They did it because they had no choice, just like many prostitutes in poor third world country.

      Dirty Soong's propaganda machine jump on the opportunity to twist the words from Mr Hsu. If you don't see the point, you are obviously brain washed by dirty Soong.

    • <<You seemed to be mightily confused. Taiwan is not at war with Japan. WW2 ended 55 years ago. Besides, it wasn't Japan that fired a missile against Taiwan in 1996.>>

      Mighty, yes; confused, no. While the war ended half a century ago, many politicians still believes that they are one step above the commoners if they can speak jap. Many politicians still believes that the comfort women served willingly. I have yet seen ANY DPP member has balls.

    • I am "smart" because I can think independently. I am "smart" because I am my own master. I am "smart" because my parents are proud of what I have done with my life.

      <<A Taiwanese that believe their right for self-determination is either is a Jap slave or being "brain washed.>>
      No. I consider a Taiwanese politician to be either a slave or being "brain washed" if he believes that the comfort women served willingly. I consider a Taiwanese to be either a slave or being "brain washed" if he supports that politician blindly. I consider a Taiwanese to be either a slave or being "brain washed" if he supports a political party blindly even if that party backs that politician. Furthermore, I consider anyone to be either a slave or being "brain washed" if he believes that he is one step above the other because he can speak jap. I also consider anyone being "brain washed" if he supports a corrupted party blindly.

      <<Why Taiwanese like Japanese better than Chinese?>>
      First of all, not all Taiwanese like jap more than Chinese. For those that do, I consider them to be either slave or being "brain washed" or snitches or just plain naive. How many Taiwanese were killed by Chinese? How many Taiwanese were killed by jap? How many Taiwanese of later generation attended college? How many of your fathers or grand-fathers attended college? Most important of all, many Taiwanese politicians are very rich. How did their families achieve such wealth? Many Taiwanese stood up and fought the jap during the occupation, yet many Taiwanese became rich by snitching on them. I consider you to be either a slave or being "brain washed" should you choose to support such families blindly.

      <<Why those Taiwanese cheered the return of "mother land"?>>
      Get it clear in your mind. Jap is not your "mother land" nor fatherland. It is your raperland. Without CKS and the Chinese, you would still be a jap slave.

      <<The Japanses send help within 8 hours after the earth quake while China demanded that no country can send help without going through the China Red Cross.>>
      If harngee is a criminal, does that make harnjee a criminal? The Chinese official(s) that made such decision is (was) an idiot. However, that is insufficient to discriminate the Chinese in Taiwan.

      <<I have a relative was promoting Taiwan independence while he was studying in Japan and he was arrested 7 times and jailed for 13 days.>>
      What is your point? Are you trying to claim that you have been discriminated by the Chinese? I'll listen to your story, but only YOUR actual experience. Not the third cousin of your friend. Have you ever been rejected from a school or discriminated in your job because of your race? Last time when I asked WSP the same ?, His "blatant discrimination" reply was that a Chinese teacher used public ridicule to teach him the language, manner and integrity. Guess those teachings did not work. Hope you have a more convincing story to justify that you are not discriminating

    • I agree!!!!

    • I am confused by all of this racial rhetoric. What exactly is your recomendation for TSM?

      Buy, Hold or Sell?

      Why don't you guys take it out back and leave this board to the investors.


    • yes, goooo harnjee, i am totally agree with you.

    • This remind me the story of a frog bow himself to pieces. Well, what are those dump commies thinking ? No wonder the poor Chinese are fleding and died in the sealed containers.

    • The plane had to travel 75 miles before it landed.

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