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  • goldeld goldeld May 15, 2001 3:59 PM Flag

    wowgone : I may go any place other than

    5 millions before 228, you made math mistake, 5000 to 10,000 of 5 million is about 0.1% to 0.2% (not 10%), like I said that 228 death No is meanless to you (even if it is 1 million), because you put your 100% love on Chinese, but that No is a big shock to Taiwanese ( even if it is only 100) , because they are our people. Those victims are including women,under 20 and over 50.

    I will not shoot you, I answer your question honestly. Most of Taiwanese male between 20 to 50 survived WW2, Most of Japanese solders killed in the WW2 were real Japanese under 20.

    You made too much effort to disprove the fact of 228. 228 is over, you need understand the feeling of some Taiwanese who still hate Chinese, If you do not want to relieve the misunderstanding between them and Chinese, then at least you do not increase the hatred between them and Chinese by disproving the fact of 228 and beautifying the corrupted Old KMT who were kicked out by Chinese from China.

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