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  • goldeld goldeld Jul 10, 2001 6:03 PM Flag

    Re: Taiwanese dollar will be worth nothi

    If those clown politicians who are visiting China decide to stay there to reunion with China themselves, then the Taiwanese economy will come back very soon.

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    • Yes, 80 years. But you don't believe that people can get along after killing each other, do you? You need to read some history books to make you think more deeply.

      I'm so happy that they are in the right direction now. After their economic achievements, the politic reforms will soon follow. I can't wait to see how far they can go!

      My boss, a well-known scientist, has 6 chinese students, including four from mainland, one from hong kong, and me from taiwan. We all get along well. My boss (a Jew) told us not once but twice lately that chinese are the smartest people in the world and china is a country of great potential. He has visited china several times and I believe in what he's told us.

      Yes, we will fight you for who knows how long. DPP is a party full of ugly, narrow-minded, greedy, and wicked people like you.

      You don't have to brag about your sex life. No one is interested in it. You PIG!

      The funny thing is shortly after the basketball legend Chamberlain had bragged to have slept with 1,000 women, he died unexpectedly.

    • Do not flater yourself. CCP has been pounding KMT for 80 years is a more accurate describtion. KMT pricelins now can only dream of kissing CCP's butt.

      You also want to figh DDP. By all means. It will be a very entertaining show.

      You are welcome to audit my properties if you have big tips and a hot pussy, Am I a dirty oldman ? I hope so. In order to be James's right hand man, I have to be good at seducing women, het them pregnant and force them to abort their babies, and then collect bribes for him. I have to tell you that I am offended when you lower me to the rank of boy scouts.

      Tell you what, kid. You know how to brag and lie. But that is only good enough to put you in New Party. That is a good start. Now you need to work on getting Mcmem to go to bed with you and try to send a few bucks James way. We will consider take you in.

    • Excellent idea. Lets send all corrupted officials to China where the commies can squeeze and extract the loots before selling their organs. Better yet, lets also send all subservient, discriminatory fairies to japland where they can serve their masters better.

      Just one problem, what do we do with Moses? Maybe we should let the commies to squeeze and extract the loots, sell the organs before sending him to japland to get a new set of wolf heart and dog lung. If the japs won't let him enter, he can always claim that its a metter of life and death.

      Yup. Without the corrupted, discriminatory, inexperienced and ineffective officials, Taiwan will come back very soon.

    • Ya,we should ship those clown politicans to China immediately!!!!!!And Taiwan will definitely do well again

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