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  • songsuckdick songsuckdick Jul 10, 2001 9:31 PM Flag

    Re: Taiwanese dollar will be worth nothi

    Hey, baby. Why worry about mosses ? He is dead thousands years ago. Who cares about faires ? Want to go out some times to talk about something fun ?

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    • <<[Moses]is dead thousands years ago.>>
      The bull technology market made many believe that they are $ expert. I often relabel the self-appointed "stock-god" to "stock-critics." (u have to know Chinese to understand the joke.) Since u have no idea who is Moses or how DPP hurts the Taiwan economy, may I suggest u to invest in mutual fund.

      <<Want to go out some times to talk about something fun?>>
      Thanks for the offer, but I already have a trophy wife.

      <<[talk]about fairies>>
      Unlike the small percentage of DPP supporters such as wsp_man who want their mothers or grandmas to serve willingly, I care about my parents very much. While I like to keep an open mind, my parents will be hurt badly if I play your game. I totally have no experience in this area and do not even know who to refer you to. May be u can try hanjane since he always wants to be the son of angels. I believe that he will be quite subservient if u speak some jap.

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      • Hey, Babe, you are DEEP ! Stock Critics is meant to be a joke ?? Is hanjan as hot as you are ?? I suely like to meet her. You have a wife ?? Well, give me some time and you will change your mind. Why a hot lady like you want another woman ?!

        I do invest in mutual fund. Let me guess, you are not referring to the lod dead Jew guy name Mosses ?! Babe, you are deep. However, you are wrong about me not understanding how DDP ruin the economy. On that one, I have stated that it all DDP's fault. Read the article in Taipeitimes ?? Arbian want to audit KMT properties ?! Can you imagine that ? Now, KMT won't have as much money to buy vote with and that will definitely hurt Taiwan economy. Tell you what ? I am sure even DSP will have to agree with me now.

        I do not speak Japs but I know how to sweet talk to a foxy lady. I have something better than DSP's finger.

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