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  • ashuar2001 ashuar2001 Jul 19, 2001 1:00 AM Flag

    Re: DPP is bad party.


    I had, 2 years ago in taipei, an experience similar to the one happening to your friend.

    I got into a cab on Kilung Road and the driver spoke taiwanese to me. I didn't feel like speaking taiwanese at that time because I got used to speak mandarin in the US, so I replied in mandarin. As soon as I spoke in mandarin, he got so mad and started to attack me and mainlanders, calling us rice worm. I got mad too, so I yelled at him and asked him to shut up. Maybe because I was much bigger and stronger than he was, he finally lowered his voice reluctantly if not painfully. I told him I came from a free country, I liked to speak what I wanted to.

    I think those cab drivers are from mid- or South taiwan. They are not educated and know nothing about history (oops... even educated DPP members are deaf and blind and twisted because they are overpowered by their own prejudice, greediness and the narrowness of their mind and soul). DPP has used those people to fight against mainlanders by telling them that mainlanders are there to rob and steal. They are very rude to mainlanders, especially to those who can't speak fukien taiwanese.

    You know, there are some cheap shots and dirty tricks DPP used very sucessfully in gaining power. This is just one of the many.

    If DPP wants to see their future when gaining independence, just look at what happen in India and Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka, Iraq and Kuwait, or Arabs and Israel. These are examples of people killing people of their own kind and the killing will NEVER ever stop.

    If we would gain independence, our children would suffer for years to come not only from the political struggle in the island itself, but also from the forever conflicts with china nearby. Besides, china probably would smash taiwan economically sooner than you could image. Can we survive then? I don't think so.

    Seeking independence of taiwan is a piece of shit. I will fight against it till I die.

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    • Right to the point!

      Taiwanese ! you have too much to learn.

    • >> DPP has used those people to fight against mainlanders by telling them that mainlanders are there to rob and steal.

      But It is true the mainlanders lied and stole for the past 50 years. Just look at all the mainlanders mainlanders general indicted for the French frigate case.

      By the way, if you refuse to speak the local language you will always be treated as 2nd class citizen. It doesn't matter if you are in US, Hongkong, or Shanghai. If you refuse to speak the language of the locals you will always be treated as trash. Learn to deal with it.

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      • Most of the new party members do not have the chance to steal. They may be habitual liers but they did not have the chance to steal.

        I am not sure if you do not speak the local language, you will be discriminated against. As Asshore has said, he likes to speaks Madrin in the State and I am sute the clerks in the grocery he shop are learning Chinese and his Jewish boss have become very fluent in Chinese since he went to work for him. When you are the ruler, you are used to your subjects do everything to please you. How dare that stupid cab driver to demand that Asshore to blend in with the mass? How dare you DDP guys to claim that everyone, including the so called natives, are emigrants. The only difference is time of arrival ??? There are people born to the right family Wowgone, McBabe and Asshore who are suprior in evry way compared to commond people. If you disgaree, you are Jap puppet or a low life.

      • It is useless to talk to dead brain people like wowgone..the one who can;t differentiate black or white

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