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  • ashuar2001 ashuar2001 Jul 20, 2001 4:58 PM Flag

    Yes, one China...

    Finally, some people on the island have the visions and brains to say something reasonable:

    Maybe there is still hope. Maybe our lands need not be covered with dead bodies and our rivers don't have to turn red. Maybe our children still have a chance to live in peace and fearlessness.

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    • I don't get it.

      I thought we were taliking about the Chinese. So where is the pig in the story?

    • someone pointed that neither donkey wowgoner nor monkey ashuar2001 has brain cell, then why donkey wowgoner won the Yahoo most stupid author prize, it because monkey ashuar2001 is a little smarter than donkey wowgoner.

      You also asked me why I won the Yahoo best author prize? it because My "Earth shacking paper" which showed in my message 8346 is so good, many people like it, it even has made the brainless donkey wowgoner excited for two days, it may keep him exciting for the other month.

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    • you changed your ID, you are still a monkey.
      You asked why you won the Yahoo funnist author prize ? It is because you play a very good monkey show. You deserve for that.

    • Just curious, fake Taiwanese are the donkey since they are pretending to be real Taiwanese. Fake Tauwanese are the monkey since they came from China but claiming that they are not Chinese.

      Is that correct?

      Sorry, but I forgot to ask why goldtip deserves Nobel prize. I am lost here.

    • Just curious, fake Taiwanese are the donkey since they are pretending to be real Taiwanese. Fake Tauwanese are the monkey since they came from China but claiming that they are not Chinese.

      Is that correct?

    • idiots showed that you are very intereted in my papers, Although my communication with McMEM is not your business, I want to show one of my "Earth shacking papers" entitles "a young monkey and a young donkey" which you two idiots can understand to you :

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      The monkey never changes his aptitude, he keeps fighting with other animals, One day he is killed by a dog.

      The donkey works in service station to service other animals, but he keeps pretending that he is a horse, One day he joins in a horses-race, then he dies of heart attacked.

      We learn two lessons from the monkey :
      (1)A male lion does not show off his paws and tooth until he starts to fight, but the monkey likes to show his tooth to scare other animals.
      (2) The monkeys alway fight as a group with their enemies, a monkey should not leave his group and fight lone himself.

      We also learn two lessons from the donkey :
      (1)Even he pretend he is a horse, a donkey is still a donkey, he should not do the horse's job.
      (2) You are youself, do not pretend your are something else.

      The story is so sad, the Earth is shacking, so I call this paper "Earth shacking paper", I submit this paper to Yahoo to publish, I get very good comments from the two reviewers - songsuchdick and his mistress, I pay songsuckdick 100 as he asked. Yahoo awards me the prize of the best author of the year, Yahoo also awards the other two prizes : the funnist author to ashaur2001 and the most stupid author to wowgoner.

    • My point is as simple as this :
      There are many people (some may think they are Taiwanese, some may think they are Chinese) have work hard for themselves and for their beloved mother land silently since Taiwan was in a bad shape, they are the root of the tree,they made the tree grow much stronger through the bad environment (I thought the tree can not grow at that time) and then grow many fruits , your favor person - Lee Guo-Ding is just one of the flowers of the tree, you praise that single flower, but the tree can grow stronger and grow many fruits without that single flower.

      The communists and New party are in your end, they are also diehard fans of one China, they think ROC should be part of PROC. I am on the other end, I am a living-soft person, I go with the majority of Taiwan.

    • >>Taiwanese
      The official name of Taiwan is ROC. Like it or not, its citizens are Chinese that include Chinese from Taiwan. As I said before, the term "Taiwanese" is contaminated and is associated with hate groups. The fact that you insist on using such name says a lot.

      I do not quite understand your point, but I admire LGD. The Taiwan Miracle came about, to some %, because of LGD. While you can argue that the miracle would still occur had somebody else drove, there was/is never any rumor of corruption. He guided ROC from an agricultural developing country to a semi-high tech state, and died poor. Compare the other 3 dragons with ROC; compare Malay and Indonesia with ROC.

      The insight of LGD was to use limited $ to attract the low end of high tech to maximize return. The plan was to use the new found wealth to push the mix to the upper end. Unfortunately, none of the fukinese had such insight. The high tech sweat shops increase the living standard, hence cost. Unless the industry mix moves up, how can Taiwan compete? Most technology projects cost big $, and without government guidance and incentive and cooperation with universities, minimal work principle applies.

      BTW, I am one of the diehard fan of one China. PROC should be part of ROC.

    • ROC, but after Taiwan became a democracy and the majority accepted the name of ROC for Taiwan, I accepted the fact, so you have your right to define the citizen of ROC is Chinese, but I would rather define : Chinese is a citizen of PROC. Taiwan(ROC) is not part of PROC, so I like call myself and people in Taiwan Taiwanese. Taiwanese just means the people from Taiwan(ROC), I do not put any political meaning for that.

      I can undestand why you like Lee Guo-Ding and hate former president Lee so much (from your personal experience), you may give the credit to Lee Guo-Dind for Taiwan became a high-tech state. But I do not think that Taiwan can not become a high-tech state without Lee Guo-Ding for the two simple arguments :
      (1) Not only Lee Guo-Ding has high-teck mind in Taiwan. (2) Not only Taiwan became high-tech state.
      20 years ago, there were many bad quality electronics, tools, machines ...etc which were "made in Taiwan" filled with the department stores. I did not think that Taiwan could make anything good. many of my fridends went back to Taiwan after they got their MS/PhD degrees between 1983 to 1990, they told me they owe to Taiwanese socity, I did not think they can do anthing good for Taiwan. It was about in 1989, A student from Taiwan told me a story of some Taiwanese made one brand of TV ,its quality can beat Sony TV, I did not believe him. In 1990, my father told me that Taiwan had been changed a lot, he told me to read/watch the News from Taiwan, so I bought a small ear to receive the News and TV programs from Taiwan, then I also read many articles which are related to Taiwanese tech/science in many fields, I found that Taiwan had been changed a lot. OCAC started to offer free MAC TV (since March 2000) which has many many wonderful programs (they were made more than two years ago, they are not politically biased) which let me understand the past/present/future of Taiwan much more, I am not really impressed that Taiwan becomes a high-tech state, but I am very surprised and very impressed that Taiwan becomes a democracy and there are many many people (they may call themselves Chinese or they may call themselves Taiwanese) work very hard silently on their fields for 5 to 20 years, and they got very good result. If you still think that Taiwan can not become a high-tech state without Lee Guo-Ding ( you see, you claim you are discriminated by Taiwanese, but the fact is you discriminate Taiwanese ), Even if you could go back to the past and took Lee Guo-Ding away from Taiwan, and even if Taiwan would become a low-tech and poorer country, Taiwan might lose some "high-tech only" "rich only" people, but Taiwan should still have many people work very hard for themselves and for their beloved mother land on their fields ( they may not like other Taiwanese, but they all love their own mother land ).

      Your "jump bridge" story is not in the logical Domain, if you can modify your statements like this :
      DPP : Can I discriminate the Chinese ?
      McMen : NO.
      DPP : Why not, Chinese C discriminate Chinese.
      McMen : If Chinese C jumps off the bridge, are you going to jump off the bridge.

      will be more suitable.

    • u made a wise decision not to go for the NP.

      <<spy plane
      What did the spy plane do to intimate PROC? From where did you get your info? Have it ever occur to u that I may know something that u do not? When did I ever make such statement that I am pro-commie?

      <<A and B are Chinese;A is a good Chinese , while B is a bad Chinese; Since A is exist, so I can not criticize that B is a bad Chinese.>>
      Praise A and criticize B. The fact that they are Chinese is irrelevant.

      <<jump bridge>>
      Use the following conversation between father and son as example:
      S - Can I ride the motorcycle without helmet?
      F - No.
      S - Why not? The parents of XXX let him ride the motorcycle without helmet.
      F - If XXX jumps off the bridge, are you going to jump off the bridge also?
      By the same logic:
      DPP - Can I discriminate the Chinese?
      McMEM - No.
      DPP - Why not? The commies killed students at TAM.
      McMEM - If XXX jumps off the bridge, are you going to jump off the bridge also?

      <<You hate some Taiwanese, then you hate all of Taiwanese. You used fukinese for all Taiwanese.
      Officially Taiwan is ROC, and therefore all of its citizens are Chinese. Some DPP supporters called themselves Taiwanese in order to instigate hatred between the citizens.

      I do not hate all Taiwanese, but do resent corrupted officials. I was poor and spoke broken English when I first arrived US. I am grateful of the opportunities, and being treated friendlily 99.99% of the time. The first time I met Lee Guo-ding was in the early 80s, and ROC was still developing. He described his plan to attract high tech industries using tax $. Because of the limited $, initially he concentrated on the low-tech end to maximize the return. The ROC Miracle was a well-orchestrated process. I created MMEM in mid 80s. KMT made several attempts in the late 80s, but I was lucky as UCB and MIT were making similar R&D, and the competition is fierce. Three of my friends answered the calling. When Moses began to place incapables to high positions, two of them left to become professors. One of them was forced to retire as he could not return to US any more. They gave their hearts to ROC, and Moses used them to feed the dogs. Had Moses have any integrity, ROC would have a satellite and aircraft industries, and France would have to eat our dust now. ROC high tech industries still concentrate on the low-tech end. We are not inferior to the whites, we are inferior to the fukinese.

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