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  • graywolph graywolph Jan 29, 2013 9:31 AM Flag

    Yo, burn,

    What ya think of the current blather from the CEO....thinking of getting in again, ignoring the 722 P/E of course. You still in this one? or, in it again, as the case may be? Haven't had a chance to go over the report yet, but just wondering your opinion, knowing you're very familar with LYTS.


    the old dog

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    • Hi wolph, sorry for the late reply, I have been very busy and ignoring these boards lately.

      Unfortunately, I am still in LYTS. The results have been poor and the CEO blather is useless, but I do like the future prospects. To me, almost everything LYTS does is discretionary spending by businesses. An economic area that had massive pain when the economy crashed but has the potential for massive gains when business spending picks up. Which I think it will, eventually. And I'll sit reinvesting a 3% yield until it does.

      I know most of the talk here is about LED lighting, but I think the real profit boost potential is in the graphics and signage. Those are very dependent on volumes, earned some really fat margins when volume was high back before the crash, and could/should again if it ever picks up. And every year that passes the existing graphics/signage looks more tired, increasing pressure on businesses to finally act.

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      • Yo, Burn, good to see you're still around. I haven't been on the boards for quite a while also, didn't mean to ignore pete...sorry, pete. Been watching the charts on like the divy; that's where I'm at, at this like we might be headed back to the mid 6 area, but this one sure has a messy chart, somewhat hard to read, not that charting is the be all end all, but can help. Will keep watching and wait for a pull back to pick some up, which the market overall is due for, and by my read LYTS too.
        Good luck all!

    • Hi Greywolf, Yeah, I am not 'Burn', but I have made a bundle off of and follow local firms I can research in depth, like LABL, VIVO and LYTS. Not tracking VIVO anymore, maybe I should. Calculate FMV of $16/sh for LYTS and $47.9 for LABL, just picked up some LYTS. LYTS looks risky looking back, but bright looking forward. The gutwrenching swings in valuation make it off limits for the faint of heart. What do you think, burn / graywolph?

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