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  • BrotherWarrior BrotherWarrior Feb 24, 1998 11:00 AM Flag

    Hello out there?

    Where's the noise? Everyone holding their breath? Last two days have been low volume, I guess waiting on results. Any predictions on what it will take to move the stock up? Does anyone see it going down significantly, and if so, why?

    Also, can anyone reading on this board who knows, please advise me on what the growth in number of stores is projected to be?

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    • In response to your being stymied by the operator in your attempt to join the "live" CC, originally scheduled for 10:00 a.m.
      EST on 2/25/98, they could have used the term "contact" person for the CC. In all probability, the person they are usually
      referring to is the IR person (in this case, Robin Kennedy) or the CFO (for whom she works, "Dru" Milby). The problem is that, at the
      time you're calling in to join the CC and are denied access, those very same people you need to speak to are not reachable
      because they're in attendance at the CC. In this particular instance, the CC was postponed to 1:00 p.m. EST and so you could've
      called them after they'd had a chance to return to their respective offices. In actuality, despite what you were told by the
      operator, had you just called the number you had a few minutes before 1:00 p.m., you would've been put through to the CC. As I said in
      my postings on CC auditing, fortunately for us, PZZA is one of the more "liberal" companies when it comes to accessing their

      One other caveat, whenever you contact an IR department of a company you're researching, always, always, always make sure
      you have them include the business card(s) of the CFO (one of the CFO's cards is usually attached to the material in the
      investor "kit"...but don't take a chance, request that it be included) and the card(s) for the IR person or persons. If you're a
      student of the GenJackripper School, you'll ask for a few cards from each. This way, if you think it's a good investment and want to
      suggest it to friends or relatives, You've got some spares to hand them for contacting.

      Some other things I always ask. Is there a toll-free number to reach the company, or more specifically, its IR department?
      Some companies have such "800" numbers but don't show it on their business cards´┐Żor give it out unless you ask. Does the IR
      contact or CFO have an e-mail address through which they can be reached? If so, make sure you take note of it so that you can note
      it on the business card of that person since their card will usually not have that info. I maintain a card file for all these
      companies I monitor, not just the ones I may have a position in.

      In the final analysis, when you invest your money in the shares of any company, your fortune is riding on the abilities of
      its management to execute and perform. They're busting their chops for their own benefit as well as yours (at least that's the
      way it should be), On rare occasions, I run across something, either in print or on the net, that I think the management of a
      company I follow should be aware of (if they're not, already). In such instances, I'll either e-mail or snail mail it to them. You
      as an investor, can contribute more than just your investment capital to the success of your investment. It can be a two-way
      street. And sometimes, as it has happened, when the "Ripper" needs an answer to some questions IR can't deliver, his call to the
      CEO, or the COO, or the CFO, gets returned by that person in short order. Relationships can flow both ways.

    • When it comes to investing successfully, there are different strokes for different folks.

      If you're interested in the methodology preached at the "GenJackripper School of Investing for Obsessive/Compulsive Anal Retentives", you'll find it outlined here on some other Yahoo threads, to wit:

      ENCD; #50 through #55 and HCC; #17 through #19.

      As you will note from humpbee's response (posting #21) on the HCC thread, not everyone is comfortable with the GenJackripper methodology and that is OK, too. You must develope the approach that you enjoy working with and, most importantly, that works FOR YOU!! Mine may just be a helpful guideline you're free to follow or not, as you choose.

      A couple of other points.

      A hand-held calculator can be a help in quickly determining growth rates or CAGRs.
      The one I'm familiar with and use is the
      Hewlett Packard model 20 S SCIENTIFIC. I'm sure there are others that perform the same function, I'm just not familiar with them.

      A word about diversification. Diversification is good. Concentration in a few stocks has its points as well. You need to
      strike a balance between the potentially greater rewards afforded by concentration in a few companies (assuming they perform as you
      expect) and reducing your risk exposure through diversification among several companies (if some of them don't). While there are
      market mavens who can suggest guidelines, depending on the amount you have to invest, only you can decide what you are comfortable
      with. Warren Buffet, for example, has said that you don't need to invest in more than six different companies to make money. I
      recall a money manager citing an upper limit of thirteen holdings regarding diversification.

      To learn as much as you can about the companies you've invested your money in is an ongoing process. The more you have to keep track of, the more time you will have to invest and the more difficult it will be for you to stay on top of things.

      But, boy, can it be interesting if not fascinating, and hopefully, rewarding monetarily. Good luck to you.

    • I sincerely appreciate the length and breadth of your reply, GenJackripper. I am amazed by you clear headed types, who can come to such conclusions with data that for now is still a mystery to me. I'm sure that when I'm more experienced at this, I'll be able to look back and give some of the credit to the help you have given me.

      Just one point to make, though. I did try to call into the CC at the originally scheduled time, and the operator (live) asked me for the name of the Call Leader(she may have used a different term, I just don't remember), and said I couldn't get in without it. She then told me the call had been rescheduled for 1PM, and suggested that I get ahold of someone who knew the right name.

      P.S. I AM willing to do my own digging, but just don't have a feel for how to go about it, yet. I'll learn.

    • May I direct your attention, Ed, to my posting #35. The reason I take the time and trouble to post the information contained therein is so that you and others interested in PZZA can learn more about the company's plans for the future and perhaps answer your own question(s).

      That is what auditing either a "live" conference call or, if inconvenient, its taped replay can do for you. Since you may not have understood this fact, I will respond to your question, this time, with what you would've learned had you listened.

      For FY98, PZZA expects to open 70 company owned stores and 300 franchised stores for a total of 370 stores.

      In response to a question from analyst Mike Smith regarding total store openings for FY99, management "feels comfortable" with the 370 to 400 range figure.

      • 1 Reply to GenJackripper
      • Thanks a lot, Jack, for the information. Actually, when I saw your posting #35, I was quite excited. I hadn't known about
        these conference calls, as I'm relatively inexperienced in the investing world, and particularly new to PZZA. I had bought some
        shares over a year ago, but due to personal circumstances, have been unable to "dig in". Luckily it has hung in there price-wise
        and I had no need to sell. Now I'm interested in knowing more about the company I have invested in. So I put it on my calendar
        and dialed in. Unfortunately, they asked me the name of the person leading the call and in my ignorance, didn't know what to
        tell them. Your posting #35 didn't tell me that. I do thank you for the information you have put on this board, for every little
        bit helps.
        Do you know if the taped call is still available and if I need a secret word or anything to access it?
        BTW, I was dazzled by your posting #54. Thanks for sharing your thinking....

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