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  • sieranoitulover sieranoitulover Apr 20, 1998 1:06 PM Flag

    give you another reason.....

    its noon and im going to cut my grass. the reason why im telling you this is i figure you might have a problem with me doing
    my own yardwork too. im not going to pay some snotty nose kid to mow my lawn when im able bodied myself. paying someone else to
    cut your grass is even more expensive than tipping the PZZA drivers. YICKS!!!. just thought id fill you in on my afternoon
    plans. i surely dont have time to watch PAPA JOHNS stock all day long. plus i know where the stock price is headed so it dont
    bother me. if the market treats it unfairly then ill buy more and make even more money down the road. either way ill win in the
    long run. go PZZA and PJAM!!.

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    • sorry, i loaned my plane to Trump. when i get it back hed better have the tank full. meanwhile your generalizations are "right on" you do show promise grasshopper

    • Oh, gez I did'nt realize you were an American. I though you were one of those Yougoslavians that frequent this board. I had
      better be careful so as not to rial you any further. Last thing I need is some ruthless American breathing down my throat. Heck you
      might go all out and issue my a full verbal assault. You might even express you opinion, or even give advice. I can't affort that,
      after all I am so young and vulnerable to attack that I can't defend my itty bitty self. I am just twenty four years old. What
      shall I do? You are so old and wise. How can I
      measure up to you, when you have already achieved a state of ignorance and arrogance many people could never dream of
      existed. Teach me old wise one. Should I stop random people and tell them how rich I am? Should I insult the young, the old. Hey I
      know I'll go to the Special Olimpics and pick on the Handicapped. That might make me your equal. Maybe we can get together some
      time and degrade short people, waps, blacks, jews, muslems, and best of all poor people! And then we can go around teling
      everybody with ears how much richer and more intelligent we are! We could make generalizations all day! Just give my a call and fly on
      down in your personal jet. You do have a personal jet, right?

    • Jack, just listened to the conference call. Thanks for all of the advice. Definitely an interesting experience for a relative small fry like myself to have such access to the top mgmt. Does anyone know if PZZA staggers the mailing of their annual report? I still haven't recieved mine. Thanks again

    • me and blue leader were arguing about tipping pizza delivery boys then you and the 19 year old charlie mac jumped in. i
      never said anything rude until someone else degraded themselves so dont pin it on me. ive been on this board longer than you can
      remember. it takes a spark to light me up and once i start you better look out. i am american and i voice my opinion nuff said. about
      a stock split i welcome it. i could load up on PZZA at 21.00 a share instead of 42.00. id rather buy 100 share lots and
      control more shares. earnings were as i expected. continued growth that will continue for many years. looking for 4000 pizzarias by

    • S.Lover, I am not back to continue the discussion. I respect your explanations in your last post. I have rhetorical question for you though. If you know you are not as rude in person, why do you insist on making enemies and degrading yourself in the eyes of others. Earnings are great news and second your opinion about the stock split.

    • i dont feel like argueing with you today so ill be brief. msg boards are for opinions and if they dont jive with yours then so be it. alot of times people are rude on these boards(me and you included) because we can get away with saying whatever we feel without danger of getting our butts whipped. if we met at the checkout counter of PAPA JOHNS wed probably be quite nice. i know i would. im not as bad as you make me out to be kid.

    • Well Blue Leader and sieranoitulover, you are now being told by a 19 year old college student to grow up. I assume you are
      both mature adults by the sums of money you feel compelled to brag about yet you insist on acting like preschoolers in the
      playground. You are not entertaining us, merely wasting space on this board. I saw all the new messages and almost got excited that
      there was some real discussion on the recent activity but was dismayed to see that it was only you two bickering. Blue Leader, if
      you were ever a delivery boy, be proud that you did what it took at the time to get by. (I've been there myself) S.lover, if you
      prefer to go the resaturant in person and count boxes, Peter Lynch would commend you for your thorough approach. The point is ,
      there are thousands of ways to be an successful investor but every kind of investor benefits from a little cooperation. Sooo...
      now lets try and act like adults and share opinions about the COMPANY, not our personal lives.

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      • wanna come cut my neighbors grass? they need help and they could probably spot you a 20 so you can buy yourself a poster of
        the spice girls or something. this is a board for people with money at risk. we talk about whatever strikes our fancy. whether
        it be PIZZA or toxic waste, i dont care. but PAPA JOHNS cost 42.00 a share and im afraid your milk money wont go far on that
        one. when you graduate high school first you got to get a college degree, then a JOB, then a house with furniture, and then you
        can start investing. just because daddy-o gave you one share of MCDONALDS or TOYS R US doesnt mean youre an expert. but if you
        need advise ill be happy to steer you in the right direction

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