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  • mattnali mattnali Oct 16, 1998 11:32 AM Flag

    any comments??

    I actually love Papa John's Pizza, but stock
    hasn't been in growth mode since early '96. It just
    seems to move in $5 increments between 30 and 40 with
    the occasional 25 or 45. I do follow technicals a
    lot, and right now PZZA seems to be at the top of a
    temporary range and looks to move down to 30 before
    advancing much further. The commodity channel index shows
    it to be very overbought, and considering there's
    not a lot of daily volume in the first place, sort of
    implies a fall. Out of the last 7 times it showed
    overbought in the last year it sold off 2-6pts 6 of them. It
    looks to have MAYBE one more point of upside to it b/f
    a sellof of at least a couple points. PZZA's
    relative strength has been good for some time now, so a
    HUGE selloff, even w/ another global market meltdown
    attack, is not likely. Keep in mind these are just
    technicals, but a short term short/put strategy seems like a
    good play. I was wondering when earnings are due, and
    if any other positive news could be on the horizon.
    I know the cheese price thing could hit the stock
    again or at least temper the upside for now. Remember
    what happened with the ice cream makers when cream
    prices rose this past summer. If you don't, look up
    BJICA,DRYR, and FRND. Those charts dip about the time cream
    prices kill profitablity. PZZA uses cheese pretty
    liberally, and that's their signature so they probably won't
    cut back too much. If cheese prices don't drop,
    somthing similar could happen although that type of
    carnage is unlikely. Any questions or comments, fire


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    • perpetually << wondering when earnings are
      due >>, Do YOURSELF A FAVOR and pay attention
      to the following. I've posted this here several
      times before in the beginnings of this thread but with
      several hundred postings since, I guess it bears
      repeating, again.

      PZZA is one of the few companies
      I'm aware of (actually, it's the only one I'm aware
      of) that makes available a schedule of quarterly
      earnings release dates for the full fiscal year as well as
      the dates, times, and telephone number to access the
      "Live" quarterly conference call. And it's yours for the

      Just contact IR (Robin Kennedy) @ PZZA.
      (502) 263-7370, FAX: (502) 261-4085, or e-mail:

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