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  • netizensunite netizensunite Aug 27, 2008 11:52 AM Flag

    Your opinion on DSX downward trend

    Hi, all
    I bought at $28.5 yesterday, and I suspect the stock may yet test its 6 month low before it rebounds. However, I usually hold at least 2 years, so my questions to all are: 1) what do you think of DSX valuation and 2) what is your 1 yr+ outlook for DSX?
    Note, DSX is a major component of SEA, the new etf.
    Thanks, all.
    P.S. Why all the emotion and name calling in some other threads? Why investors target each other instead of focusing on the markets?

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    • I always love DSX especially when I can buy it cheap. Tho well in advance of next record date DUH. its still a great stock one of my all time favorites

    • What we must focus on is the fact that DSX has a number of vessels coming open end of this year/early 2009. If the freight market rebounds for Q4 as everyone expects, then DSX is poised to do very well on the period market.

    • 1) Valuation - DSX maintains a higher P/E vs others mostly because of the dividend (opinion) and their more stable oriented management team who value the LTC's.
      2) 1 year outlook IMO is going to be flat. The charters set to reset will almost be a wash with the BDI where it is now. There hasn't been any growth indications recently so I don't expect earnings to grow much at all if any.

      Also, I think a retest of the 6 month low (just above $23) is going to rely entirely on the overall market. I just don't think $23 is justified with the proven earnings DSX has shown through the tough times.

      Lastly, ignore the name callers - they are just upset their agenda's aren't coming to fruition.

      for the record: sold all holdings of DSX on ex-divy opening and looking to reenter again in mid $27s, otherwise I will walk.

    • Your last question was a very good one. To bad no one really has an answer to it except people are venting their frustrations on each other because they are not making money on the stock?? just a thought. happy trading to day and welcome to the board. steve9465

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