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  • mdplanet_nyc mdplanet_nyc Feb 26, 2013 2:51 AM Flag

    Random Comments

    It's all gone crazy here.

    1. buffetjr: I'm sorry you may have had to cut your losses but so goes the ways of the market. Don't become like one of them as I noticed this afternoon. You still have time to get in back in before any spikes occur. We need data. Period.

    2. Allo: Stop with the crazy nonsense. You do lie. It's a fact. NIH is doing studies with "ARS models" as quoted from the PR. You once replied to me they were human studies. Do you actually read the PR's or just cut and paste. Your research is way beyond mine, but please girlfriend, lay off a bit. BTW, didn't you once say you were a pilot. Hmmm???

    3. Biobum: A "bum" and a lackey to Allo. IMO, one in the same. Post something intelligent sometime, please.

    4. Fezzi: You do have some good contrarian points, but don't take out any previous losses with blatant personal attacks on others. Short the stock and be done with it, man. You and Allo are beginning to sound like a couple playground kids trying to see who can climb the monkey bars the fastest. This back and forth nonsense is really annoying. Other companies may be ahead in trials, but any approval is a positive for regenerative medicine in general and there is plenty of room at the table for others to join in. Validation of the technology is what we are seeking here. I don't care who is first, just who is better.

    5: Camellobster...: CLF for short, if I may. A cheerleader for Allo, but facts are facts. We have no significant human data and until then, we cruise along. You asked me once what the essentials were. I answer: they begin with data, institutional ownership, cash on hand, burn rate, partnerships, trial momentum, etc. Shall I go on? We are forward in some categories and behind in others. Until we see results, we sit and watch the grass grow.

    6. Lobster: I'm thinking I like you the best around here. No BS, just solid "turd" analogies. A straight shooter from my own heart. You don't like the way the stock/management is progressing, so you short and aren't afraid to tell us so. I think you do get "long" every now and then though, and I hope you are with us when things begin to shake it up a bit. Good luck to you, my friend.

    7. SureStockHolmes: Love the T/A. Keep it coming. I do foresee a breach of support unless a momentum swing is brought about with some meaningful events. I would love to hear more of your thoughts on this matter. IMO, the volume isn't cutting it even though the average volume trends higher than at this point last year. LD, you fall in this category as well. Keep it coming.

    8. Various Other Investors/Commentators: This is a waiting game now. We have placed our bets and until we hear information concerning results, the game is afoot. Risks are heavy, but rewards could be vast. Don't believe all the hype and don't fall for the gabble. The dice could fall either way. Nobody on this board knows. Fact.

    My personal beliefs go beyond trial results and rely upon GMP Certification. My bet is on the patents and the manufacturing process. GMP can provide a tremendous stimulant to our goals and present new opportunities. Without data though, GMP still doesn't hold much weight. And guess what Allo, et al., the data could be negative. I'm a risk taker, but a realist.

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    • mdplanet............ IMO these charts are not a true reflection of reality for this stock. Have ran some stat. cals. and probability of the pps being random and real are an extremely low probability. No doubt to me they are being made the way the controller wants them to look. That is just one of the things that happens with new low floater Bio. stocks. I do take note that accumulation (long volume) far outweighs distribution volume (short or selling). And the controller uses it to their advantage to keep competition for shares at a minimum, while they maintain control.

      Take a look at March 5.00 options, volume is extremely high for this stock. Just a guess on my part that somebody is betting big on a big spike.

      I try to stay with the facts without any fluff or puff. I do think many small time buyers are constantly shaken out daily via market psychology....... Too bad many buy on the way up and sell on the way down. I have LT shares I am not touching, but I also do some swing trading buying trading shares at support and selling trading shares at resistance. Not bragging but have nailed 350 resistance 2 times now.

      Recently looking like the controller wants those lows 3's again. I will do a partial buy in low 3's and hold if stock holds, if not then will sell for small loss. 290's will do a full buy order. Low 3s to 350 has been the pattern IMO.

      To one other point I will guess that a big buyer wants a large portion of the 95 million between 3 and 350 that is why they are holding it there. They buy it up to get short timers in then take their shares as they sell. They are buying alot and selling a little to hold pps down. I do not think PSTI will let any of that 95 million loose at an ATM. I will guess those shares are already tagged for a deal and probably with whom is controlling the pps. All big investors are greedy and want the absolute bottom pps at a discount. I think a large unexpected round house to this controller will change their program.

      Thank You for comments. I do not advise anybody to buy sell or short anything. Just state what I see and think.

    • camelandlobsterfulker camelandlobsterfulker Feb 26, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

      Can I be a cheerleader for you, mdplanet, if I may: very good post.
      The only problem I have with you is that I would like to see more of it, but maybe sometimes less is more.
      Anyway, I have no pom poms, but glad to compliment your post.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Thumb up from me, This message board if flood w/ nonsense pumper and basher think they can move the stock. Its not going anywhere until real new hits. Im in this bc i heard the Orphan designation was little disappointed its didn't move much.

      Btw, any near term catalyst the longs in here know?

    • Will get back in at the 2 dollar levels... Money to be made else were shorting the market

    • This is a great post. Best I've seen in months. Your right on with your comments. Too bad it gets buried by Fezzy, Allo (and many aliases), and Buffet. Good luck.

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