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  • camelandlobsterfulker camelandlobsterfulker Mar 26, 2013 5:07 PM Flag

    A potential big deal or a small one is in the works

    Depending on how much Zami and the gang want the stock to go up at this point, there is going to be a deal announced soon. imo
    I personally think they will do a less risky, small deal that will lay the foundation for several bigger deals, and because of the projectory this deal will provide, the stock price will go to the moon.
    This will happen within a couple of months.
    Mark my post down!
    PS: the deal will have something to do with their 3D bioreactor technology at the new manufacturing facility!

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    • I believe you are absolutely right Camel. If there was any doubt in any prospective CEO's mind it was completely erased on Feb 21, 2013 when the FDA granted Orphan designation for Aplastic Anemia. I am sure they have many irons in the fire, and some of those are Red Hot !

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    • mdplanet Mar 26, 2013 5:26 PM Flag

      Do you really think they care about the stock price. Yea, it's their first concern when they wake up in the morning. They check the MB, they look for news. They think, "How can we make the stock go up a few pennies today?" Unfortunately, they quickly become distracted by the everyday grind of trying to create a potentially lifesaving technology. C'mon man, get some sense.

      BTW, the stock IS up, more than 25% from where it was last year.

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      • Zami don't give a you know what about the stock price, I think you missunderstood the whole thing.
        In order to finance all these trials and everything else, at some point they will have to jack this thing up.
        They also have to make those guys happy with the 5 dollar warrants.
        They are burning money like crazy, and lot of these trials have not even started yet.
        You think they can do all these with the pps hanging around 3$, I don't think so.
        Please, lets just talk, we dion't have to belittle each other, I know you are a long time long and I respect you :-)

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