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  • caltrials caltrials Jun 20, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

    OPEN note to mdplanet, surestock, et. al.

    Ok folks. I read all your comments today. Really, nothing about the company has changed as it relates to the probable treatment outcomes or trials. MD, I read your post and respect your opinions. What I think though is that nothing has changed since your posts previously. Nothing except that you and others are tired of seeing the stock battered and hearing the constant blathering of trolls. The stock is on a downtrend. It will go back up. If you sell now and it goes down some more, then all will be good for you if you call the bottom correctly. Surestock, I can read the charts as well. The only issue I have with your post is that when the uptrend starts, it is likely to be fast and substantial when the efficacy studies come out. Come on folks, playing the game is fun when the team is winning. When it is down is not the time for bickering. ALLO and LD, clean up your acts. What we need now is not "get a clue". By making these types of comments you take away from any decent information you have to contribute.

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    • cal......... so true with your statements. I will re-enter, I just don't know when, I still believe this is the science of the future. Today it has become a show me. It is still trading below my exit. I could have preserved a greater profit had I not broken rule # 1 in March time frame area. I allowed thoughts and beliefs to control weather to stay or exit. As a fellow chart follower you should understand my point. I think there are many trapped in this stock and will take opportunities to exit. At present I just do not see in the cards any substantial move holding. I will watch for trend change then find other entry points to re-start a position. I wanta see some volume and MACD changes. Until then as stated I will watch for 2.50.......2.30....... and if that doesn't happen trust me I will find entry points that are a bit more stable with some confirmations. It just allows me cash on hand to capture those points should they happen, I am not saying they will, but if they do I will have cash ready and available to buy. I really don't think there will be any major changes until after CH letter and response and that may be out another 45....60 days so the way I see it I have plenty of time to monitor.

      IMO someone has a strangle hold on this stock. It has traded to far out of what is statistically probable for a normal acting stock even when compared to other small cap Bios. If I am wrong I am wrong and it won't be the 1st time.

    • Okay! It's Game-On ! I'am Now Altruistic Allo ! All Aboard !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • mdplanet Jun 20, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

      Well stated and thank you.

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