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  • buteo77004 buteo77004 Jul 19, 2013 2:46 AM Flag

    Note to all Pluristem long investors.


    My hat is off to Allo and Surestockholmes as they appear to be the the only 2 common-sense posters on this message board who have a clear and present understanding of how Pluristem's stock has been under the thumb of a deep-pocket "controller since the last week of February. One only has too look at the volume spikes on days when positive news is released by psti to see that it is being manipulated to the downside with constant selling pressure. A sure sign that it is not the weak retail or long-term investors who are selling as they bailed quite some time ago as they are the ones who bailed first and ask questions later. It is my opinion that 98% of Pluristem's 58 million shares of outstanding stock is now in the hands of very strong individual investors who have no intention of selling for at least the next 2-4 years.

    I believe that there are at least 5-6 big pharma company's who have recently come to the conclusion/decided/understood that PLX-Cells may become the universal IM injection that will cure a myriad of currently incurable diseases that would propel PLX Cells into a many multi-billion dollar market within 2-3 years. The science of PLX Cells is just now becoming known to the powers that be as Pluristem slowly releases information to the public. A wise move, as they are smart to keep most of their "in-house" clinical trial data secrets under wraps as they work with the NIAID on their bone-marrow recovery data under the umbrella of PLX-RAD. Which I believe will take the pharmaceutical industry by storm when the US Federal Government announces in the future that their own in-house clinical data regarding the efficacy of plx cells for a number of indications demonstrates 90 to 100 % efficacy in patients who are treated early in their indication.
    Current data/common sense has shown that the earlier a patient is treated with PLX Cells for a specific indication the odds of being cured are 85 % as opposed to waiting until the end-stage of the indication.

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    • povertysucks Jul 19, 2013 6:41 PM Flag

      This is not a surprise. I expected this at least 4 years ago.
      I have witnessed multi times a large company manipulating shares / prices in their attempt to dominate the normal trading of Boitechs, etc. But when their % of ownership reaches that minimum, they'll have to disclose, unless a % is in surrogates names, then later, they consolidate under one name in their takeover attempt.

      The SEC NEVER does anything about this.

    • ssimp1 Jul 19, 2013 4:42 PM Flag


    • buteo............ And I will go a couple of steps further. IMO it is one of those big pharmas that has put their sell / control / manipulative finger on PSTI pps. I will guess one of them approached PSTI with a low ball deal and PSTI rejected them, so the pharma steps back and says to themselves ok then we will just simply control the trading of the stock and not permit it to not move NO MATTER WHAT. It is somebody with deep pockets that understands the potential of PSTI and is in desperate need of new product.

      I could care less what others believe as to control of the pps, stats. probability and odds tell me so.. To me it is very obvious. I am glad to see that PSTI has the ability and knowledge to side step this giant and make other agreements as in CHA. I believe it is a giant pharma because no others are willing to do battle with them. Volume tells me so. Despite what many believe this activity goes on all the time, CRUSH the competition if they won't play ball with you, many big pharmas are about making money and not medicines or innovations to cure. My how the world has stepped backwards in some methods of medicine.

      The SEC will not touch them or even hint at an investigation until they have an iron clad case which may take 2 - 3 years. By that time PSTI will have already broken the arms of the controller by continuing to do agreements with the likes of CHA, the US Gov., Japan for radiation and chem. treatments. They (PSTI) will continue do such agreements with organizations around the globe. IMO Stem Cells the potential cure all. After all that is one of if not the primary building block(s) of all life. And the manipulator knows it.

    • You Got That Right ! Buteo Knows Exactly What is Going on ! Bashers and Sellers Will Be On The SideLines As PSTI Rockets Higher In The Near Future on Incredible News ! Enjoy !

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