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  • caltrials caltrials Aug 16, 2013 12:52 AM Flag

    Allo and the Fezz.......

    Allo's drivel is more irritating and unforgivable. Allo I wonder if you drink? The only people I know who constantly put out mean and pointless comments are drunks. Why do you do it? You inane comments and insults take away from meaningful discussion. You can and should do better.

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    • caltrials- you mention your own DD- how does it jibe with amazingly low- 0.68%- institutional ownership here?

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      • Good Morning Fezzi. I have averaged 30% gains over the past 18 months. Probably not that great because I found a number of stocks that went up and I sold...... only to see the continue to go up. Examples are KKD, Apple (out and back in) Smith and Wesson, TSLA, in at 33 out at 90, CLF, FB etc. In the case of PSTI, I was attracted by the "saves" article. I started reading and looking a lot. I have over 200 hours of reading articles, looking at and trying to understand the BioTech etc. I don't think it is possible for me to really garner all the information out there. I know people have done better than I have, particularly considering I bought OXGN, and then sold DNDN only to see it go up. I care very much about institutional ownership only as it relates to stocks that the institutes have taken a position in. That is the only time for me that institutional ownership matters because they can really make or break a stock. I care very much that there is little ownership by the "institutes", The only way they can affect the stock at this time is to either buy the company out (not likely for many reasons) or to buy the stock (highly likely at some point). This company and stock are not mature yet. With bad clinical results, the company might fail. From what I can see, given the information available, PSTI is, or will become a coiled spring. So my DD is very personal to me. Other investors who do better may take a different approach. I truly believe that the potential usefulness of the Pluristem Approach is amazing. For some of my DD, I directly credit Allo for finding and sharing information. I miss Buteo, but love Ray, MD Planet, Surestock, LD and even you when you post thoughtful information. So let's hope we are in for a nice ride. BTW, I think that the tendon pre-clinicals are absolutely huge. If they can use that to treat degenerative processes and injuries, my oh my. Sorry for the long post. And yes I agree with the earlier posts by LD and Melon.

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      • just going to throw my 2 cents in here:
        The answer to that is what is stated in the recent SA article where the interviewee states that institutions have been burned for the past several years with regenerative (stem cell) therapies. It certainly has taken a lot more time to bring anything that works to the market. For this reason, they are pretty gun shy.


      • It actually means that there is a HUGE potential for the upside. PSTI and the other small biotechs are all under the radar right now...The small people are manipulating this stock. When these institutions come aboard it is all over- and that is in a good way. I am very glad I have found a stock that the institutions have not recognized yet. In essence I have committed money to more risk than a conservative institution would be able to do with this young company .

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    • You're just jealous 'cause the voices only speak to her....


    • mdplanet Aug 16, 2013 6:18 AM Flag


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