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  • buteo77004 buteo77004 Aug 31, 2013 2:14 AM Flag

    Buteo predicts a big move in Pluristem in September & October .


    In spite of the current negative geo-political ramifications within the Middle-East, I forsee a big move in Pluristem in the coming two months as I believe Pluristem is on the verge of demonstrating that they are at the vangard of cellular therapeutics that will quickly become a scalable global platform for the distribution of PLX Cells via a specific pharmaceutical company(s) that want to become their global distributor because they recognize the incredible future potential of obtaining the global distribution rights for their cells.

    I believe the pharmaceutical industry is watching Pluristem Therapeutics very closely, as is one big specific company that is working hard to keep Pluristem's stock at $ 3.00 a share in order to maintain it's edge in talks with the company for a buyout? This is my opinion and my opinion only, however, I feel that Pluristem knows that they are sitting on the greatest-medical-technology of the future and I believe they would never even consider selling at 4 times the current stock price as they know it would be a fraction of it's future potential 3-5 years from now !

    Full-Disclosure: Buteo has studied PSTI for the past 7 years and has owned PSTI stock for the past 5 years.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I foresee a big move in PSTI by the end of 2015. Your prediction doesn't mean a single thing. It is meaningless.


    • Buteo ! You Got That Right !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • povertysucks Aug 31, 2013 8:52 AM Flag

      A) Reversing the FDA hold will consequenctly increase, at least temporarily, the PPS.

      B) I think the Founders do not want to sign an almost global distribution contract (the Korean contract).
      By doing so, the company becomes dependent upon the distributor. Also by having multiple regional distributers, the company reduces their potential takeover, via a Tender Offer, or to restate the company becomes stronger and a takeover defense is strengthened. An entity, including an individual, protects itself and strengthens that protection through redundancy and multiple levels of security.

      C) No one, on this message board or any other stox MB, ever mentions The Dodd-Frank law.
      This law "made manipulative practices, such as SPOOFING or placing a large number of trades at the close of trading with the intent of affecting the settlement price, violations on their own."
      Another SPOOFING technique is "deploying a fast moving algorithm to engage in placing bids and offers with the intent to cancel them before execution and profit on the resulting price swings. The algorithm was sometimes used hundreds of times in a single day.." The Dodd-Frank disruptive practices provision made these techniques illegal "to protect market participants and promote market integrity, particularly in the growing world of electronic trading."

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      • mdplanet Sep 1, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

        Wall Street, Banks & the Republicans despise this law and are continually trying to make changes to it while regulators are having a hard time enforcing it.

        From the NY Times: "The Dodd-Frank financial reform law was passed more than three years ago. The latest tally of its progress by the law firm, Davis Polk, shows that of the 398 required rules under the law, 240 — 60 percent — have not yet been completed.

        There are many reasons for delays, including relentless challenges by the banks and their allies in Congress — usually, but not always Republican — to proposals and regulations they oppose. The regulatory agencies are also chronically underfinanced."

        Go to the NY Times and type Dodd-Frank in the search. There must be at least an article a day discussing various aspects to the law.

        Even a measure to limit how much retailers must pay for each debit card swipe is still being debated. This measure was deigned to help Main Street Mom & Pop shops by lowering these fees and saving small businesses a significant amount of bottom line cash, but because the banks no longer have access to this easy money, they fight it tooth and nail.

        This bi-partisan, uncompromising, non-committal, crooked, big business influenced, barb throwing government we have in place today just plain sucks, all of them. Can't wait to see happens during our next Congressional Showdown regarding the debt ceiling.

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