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  • mdplanet Sep 20, 2013 9:02 AM Flag


    It really is a shame Allo has become the most sickening poster on this board. Once respected, she has turned into a bitter, resentful, hateful being whose tactless and disparaging remarks have shown her to be nothing more than a pathetic child. It has become obvious she is very lonely as she spends hours upon hours, days upon days glued to this board 24/7 and can only respond with negativity, criticism and condemnation. It is apparent there is an imbalance that is reflected in her immaturity. I wish I could feel for her, but she is nothing but repulsive and hideous.

    Sorry guys, but yesterday's replies to a justified question takes the cake. Grow up Allo. Imbecile.

    jiminymoon , sorry you needed to put up with her idiocy and I wish I had a meaningful response to your question. PLX cells do have great potential for a wide variety of indications. Time will tell as the efficacy reports start becoming available next year. Good luck.

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    • I posed the question to the company directly 3 years ago. At that time there was inconclusive evidence that stem cell treatments could lead to unintended negative consequences, they chose to eliminate all those with any malignancies. As that was at least 3 years ago, and quite a bit of research done since, i wondered if the thinking had changed. That was the basis for my question.

      I was surprised by Allo's attack, but she is irrelevant to my thinking at any rate. I await someone knowledgeable with stem cell clinical trials who knows the answer and come forward.

      Disclosure: I have a substantial long position in PSTI. I realized gains on the pops and now retain a position with other peoples chips. I plan to add again once we see updates from the IC studies.

    • povertysucks Sep 20, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

      Is the glass half full or half empty?

      Everyone has benefitted from ALL the work allo has accomplished medically researching PLX consequences, etc and using her logical brain to constantly explain in messages in easy to understand language the benefits of how it comes together with PSTI's patents, ongoing research, and other non PSTI PR.

      It appears to me, that allo's tolerance level for non thinking, irrelevant, and totally unnecessary and unrelated PSTI's medical messages, has shrunk. If it is unbearable to you the reader, then why do you continue to read allo's messages? Is it because you ARE benefitting from allo's constant effort.

      Since allo is "the most sickening poster on this board", then put allo on ignore. YOUR problem is solved!

      For me, I don't have all the time to do the constant research allo has performed. I also do not know where to search in these locations that allo has discovered this data. And maybe I would not be able logically to connect that medical data to PSTI.

      I think all of you who are ridiculing allo should look at YOUR own tolerance level.

      Personally, I take the bad with the good. What I am intolerant about are posters leaving messages on this MB about other stoxs and stating their prowess in trading. That is why I left a post, "Is This the PSTI MB?"
      I was not talking about myself, but being sarcastic about others.

      Everything in life is simple. It is you, whomever you are, making it complex, and doing it to yourself

      Allo is OK!

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