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  • mdplanet Nov 26, 2013 6:51 AM Flag

    What's Happening??

    It's very discouraging to see this didn't hold above 3.35. I've been busy moving and haven't paid too much attention lately, but it's obvious this stock can't keep up. It appears the Big Boys just aren't very interested at this point. As cash burns to ashes, Zami really needs to get on the ball finding someone to take a risk with a few million shares. This isn't a new company and to not see any substantial investment partners really makes me wonder. I can understand why Big Pharma hasn't quite got on board, but Zami is also having a difficult time pitching this to the bankers. I still believe he's not much of a CEO and needs step aside to make way for a true, seasoned, Biotech executive with solid industry connections to take the helm. Some data would be nice as well.
    Hope all else is well for everyone...GL

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    • Get A Clue Betty-Lou ! The Controller Decides Where PSTI Trades ! Say Hi To Bubba, The New Warden Has His Eye On You, He Knows Your Kind Are A Dime A Dozen ! Watch-Out For Larry in Cellblock 7 He Believes He is in Heaven ! Pucker-Up Peter !

    • My feelings exactly, MD. I don't know why a stock with apparently so much "in the pipeline" just can't get off the ground. There are many other small biotechs with only one drug coming out that seem to fly. Is it because PSTI is located in the middle east? Is it because there really isn't any substance to their product? Is it because they need better leadership to unlock shareholder value? I just don't know. I have a small PSTI stock position and will hang on for now; but with the overall stock market doing so well and small biotechs, in general, doing very well, I'm wondering if maybe my money tied up in PSTI is dead money.

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