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  • surestockholmes surestockholmes Feb 13, 2014 5:55 AM Flag

    MY Magic 8 Ball #s

    3.92..........3.97..........4.02........+/- 0.02......leaning towards 4.02...........Happy Hunting......... Then again we might be lucky and get a 3.75 gift again. If we get it, it will be quick and swift............Quick Draw McDraw. Thinking about changing to Not gonna say Good Luck to longs we are not working on Luck here just time. Me gonna do 2 orders 3.75 and 4.02. Still looking for my trading shares......Core shares tucked away under lock and key in safe deposit box in da bank. They aint gettin em. Till well......... some higher pps.

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    • You rat,....... you dirty rat you! I am betting the farm again and put an order in a couple of days ago at $3.80. If it fills I am going to squeal like Wilbur. So my friend here is the rub. You, several others and I have been doing all our good chart work and we have been pretty accurate. With the stuff happening now do you think we can really count on the downswing? and Next time up, if we do score a bunch, it is going to be really hard to part with them knowing that there is going to be a time when the downswing doesn't come. Good luck to us.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Relax cal....... I am not saying it is going there, but it would be nice to get another bounce off 3.75 - 3.70 . I have no more control of where this goes than you do. Just giving the technical #s as I see them for today and where did they close, which I'll take as a good sign of support. But who knows we both know right now this goes where somebody wants it to go. Plain and simple. I don,t bet the farm just buy some trading shares as I sit on my core. I don't want to get caught without any shares when this finally takes off. Until then I'll just try and play the swings when I have a chance to play. Right now I have some contract engagements I must fulfill, that takes most of my time during the day. So I can't be with the mkt. all the time. Does kinda look like they want to form a short time frame head shoulder pattern. We'll see if they give up your 3.80. But yea I am looking to pick my trading shares back up when the time is right for me.

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