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  • caltrials caltrials Mar 8, 2014 1:49 PM Flag

    This stock is doing exactly what it should.....

    For those of you watching the stock price and technicals, you should be very happy. There are some key points to pay attention to. The first is that the stock has held at the $4 range. Look at the chart for the past couple of years. I haven't checked the shares outstanding lately but I suspect that the MM is keeping the stock in a certain range. Several of us have talked about the technical indicators in detail and offered our thoughts. For the most part we have been right on. Allo has been right on. For those of you idiots complaining about her use of the word controller, I suggest you do some research on market makers, small cap biotechs and expected growth progress. For those of you making constant negative comments get your heads out of your rectums and get off the board. I absolutely believe that PSTI is a game changer. And the fact that the stock is being held in a narrow trading range surprises me not. And for those of you who do pay attention, look at the positive progress on issues that do affect the stock. AND BTW, did any of you notice the off handed comment about having used pluristem cells in a compassionate manner? If the clinical trials on pre-eclampsia work out positively it will be way too late to buy in at the current cheap levels. For those of you who continue to hide and change anonymous names, please go away. Virtually all of the current mental health studies stand for the proposition that internet trolls have significant self esteem issues. These are better treated in a clinical setting than baring your backside to the world and publicly embarrassing even your anonymous self.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I have started adding my trading shares, gap closed, bouncing on lower BB, 50 DMA. I'll take more if the controller so wishes to drive it lower. FDA approval of mfg. facility is not to be ignored. I just keep getting this feeling the controller is giving up shares they will not get back this cheap.

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