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  • caltrials caltrials Aug 12, 2014 12:16 PM Flag

    A Fresh Look

    Allo, please stay out of this one. I have participated in the board and shared information as I could, usually based on stock charting and what I have been able to find on PSTI. What I have not done and I am reluctant to say so, is also take a good look at the market conditions and competition that Pluristem now has to deal with. I am going to try over the next week to look at everything I can find and then I hope to share what I come up with. There aren't that many companies in the field and a number of the ones I am familiar with have had slow or amazing downfalls. My initial take on PSTI, was and I still believe to be that the company is uniquely situated, has what appears to be a lock on 3D cell production and no major hiccups to date. What I have to admit is that after wondering what in hades has been going on for the past year I have not updated my own DD and kept abreast of the field. To that extent, I invite MDPLANET, Surestock, Buteo, and my other friends to contribute as we can. I also need to look into the normal life track of a good biotech if there is such a thing. There is a lot of talent on this board and I know that from taking looks at other boards on Yahoo. Allo, I simply ask this. If you can't contribute something to this discussion in concrete form please don't clutter it up with your usual Sally Sue comments. And Snowcrow, whoever you are, please do the same. AND TO ALL OF YOU, if you find offensive posts that are non contributory to this thread, please flag them. Now off to the virtual library.

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    • The bottom line here is PSTI has to put up or shutup. It's data time. they have always hyped their production capabilities and indications up the wazoo but they have presented no data to back up any of their claims. What good is it to own a manufacturing line of products that do not work? The market is telling management...."show us the data." The six month chart tells all.

    • Cal IMO chart is horrible. 100 200 500 SMA BROKE not good. I doubt we hold 2.50......1.90 - 2 bottom. There is a gap back there, look at 5 yr chart. Too much going on and not enough going on. There is a dilution coming and nobody knows what it will be done at ( except BOD) Uncertainty is never good, they are going to do it we know it and the investment community knows, the question is at what pps and what kinda deal. Could be good , could very unfavorable to present shareholders. The stock is in it's worst fall ever, almost a solid 8 months of constant declines. And the BOD IMO has completed and absolutely done nothing to stop or level off the decline. To leave an unknown pending dilution hanging over shareholders heads is IMO an irresponsibility to shareholders.

      But the bright side, because of the science, just maybe the BOD will pull a magic rabbit out of the hat. But I am not banking on that one. I guess I am hoping for a BOD SHAKEUP. How long does it take for them to realize they are lacking leadership shills based upon where the pps is today, strictly from the chart BOD has been only good at declining the pps, they are going the wrong way.

      Bitter Yes. I believe in the science but forward movement is obvious.

      There very few large holders outside the insiders, so IMO not much voting power to change Management up.

    • mdplanet Aug 13, 2014 6:54 AM Flag

      The company is in an interesting place right now. They are well positioned should events turn positive. They have the IP, the manufacturing process, the delivery system & a distribution system in place. The product itself is still being assessed. Like all emerging biotechs, everything is speculation until results are in. PSTI has very little clinical data to date.

      I believe their lack of communication with investors is one factor holding this back. The hip replacement trial is an example. They stopped recruiting in August of 2013 & the final collection date was in March. Like many here, I ask; where's the data? Another example of Zami's ineptness is his reluctance to speak openly to investors. When are earnings to be released & why does he never participate in a conference call to discuss the company's progress? They are anything but open to the investment community.

      Moving along to insider selling. The officers are continually receiving compensation in the form of shares of the company. What happens to these shares? They are almost immediately sold off to the open market. It's also interesting to note how these automatic sells happen to occur at the most opportune times, when news is released and the stock is peaking.

      Dilution occurs on a quarterly basis. Read the 10Q's. Every quarter, a couple million warrants are converted to shares on a cashless basis or at a deep discount. Again, where are these shares? Again, the answer is, they are sold off in the open market.

      Continued below.........

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      • mdplanet Aug 13, 2014 6:56 AM Flag

        The institutions are not very interested as of yet. Aside from 2 decent purchases last quarter, there is no activity on this front. The Israeli index funds hardly count as they are required to own shares of the individual stocks listed on any particular index. The institutes are beginning to report, so we will see if there was any progress on this front.

        And finally, the company will be needing cash. On March 31, they stated they had enough cash for 1 year, per the 10Q. We are now 4 1/2 months beyond that point. To avoid a secondary, perhaps they have been using the ATM. Because there is no volume/interest, they are needing to dump these shares at a lower price. How else do you put a few more million shares out there?

        The technology may prove to be a winner and we all hope this to be true. The fact remains, we don't know yet.

    • Caltrails- I have been at least a 3 year holder of the stock and when it spiked back in August of 2012- I thought we were off to the races so to speak- but anti-hype took over and I re bought even more shares than I had before the very promising news on patients with Aplastic Anemia. I still think that there is merit to their release- as it makes sense to patients with inflammatory blood disease that the a potent anti-inflammatory would work. And this premise holds true with ALL indications that they are pursuing. "It's the inflammation stupid!" I say.

      So the spike happened again in January this year -as it lead up to January 21st- with their disclosure of their muscle injury study. Since that time I again re bought more shares than I had after selling some on a high note. With no more news- interest wanes and people walk away. Not me.

      So MDPlanet is right- It is all about CLINICAL Data now- no more petrie dish (in Vitro) or animal studies. Investors are a bit tired of this type of disclosure and it's time to lay the data on the line. This year is THE Year to make or break PSTI. I understand where they are in their studies right now because it makes sense- When a company releases data- the first data point is ALWAYS safety data- efficacy comes next. If this initial data on muscle injury is correct (500% improvement in the mid dose administration) on a larger scale- it is over for the naysayers.

      The 5 year chart for this company is VERY Impressive. Higher highs on a grand scale. As far as technical analysis of the stock, it really can't be done at this stage of the game. IBD states that it is virtually impossible to analyze tiny little small caps as there are too many other things that can get in the way. I invest in OIL/ natural gas companies as there is stability, history and they are tremendous financial powerhouses. You can't say that about PSTI- yet...This stock will move on news only now- so play your buy/ sells based on that until this stock matures

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