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MESA AIR GR INC # Message Board

  • llvvzhang llvvzhang Apr 19, 2008 12:20 PM Flag

    Interest to know

    From the talks of this board, looks nothing worse than mesa.

    For any reason, if you know a stock up or down for sure, you will be rich.

    If you are sure that mesa will go down, why do not you just sell or short mesa as much as you can? Then you wuld be rich very soon.

    Why dare not do it? Because you are not sure and just put several words here to make yourself better.

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    • Please refrain from od-ing on cough syrup (or rubbing alcohol) before posting. Your writing might improve if you do so. Thanks.

    • It's spelled "damn". Maybe you should go with him dipsh@t.

    • Many in the airline industry believe MESA will be gone by the end of the year. They are losing flying contracts, losing pilots, losing court judgments, oh yeah, operating flights at a loss. Their service sucks and I personally will not let my family fly on connection flights handled by MESA because I believe their maintenance is substandard.

      The stock is going down because it is a sinking ship that very well may not exist in the near future. So in my opinion there is little upside and only huge downside, even at these ridiculous share prices there is a very real possibility of losing 100% of what ever you invest.

    • How about you go talk to the local City COllege counselor about taking a Dam english class. I have an easier time reading Brail.

    • <<One thing I dislike bank analysis is that they keep taking advantage on the poor. Subprime, equity loans, all sold to the poor.>>

      Well, if those "poor" people would live within their means, they wouldn't get into this kind of mess. For every lender who is willing to make a high risk loan, there is a borrower who IS a high risk--and for a reason--either poor, no credit, or proven bad credit.

      In the old days you had to put 20% down to buy a house, nowadays all these people are out there buying houses they can't afford with NO money down, financing in all the closing costs and everything else. Then they park their two NEW SUVs in the 2 car garage, and when the bills come in they wonder why they have no money?

      Not to mention the fact that many of these borrowers would scream "DISCRIMINATION!!!" if the lenders were unwilling to make the loan...thanks to our friendly government regulators, who ensure we have a "level playing field".

      As for Mesa stock, it is headed South, so you better get out while you can!

    • william_thomson Apr 19, 2008 8:49 PM Flag

      point proven.

    • Could not see anything further need to talk with you.

    • One thing I dislike bank analysis is that they keep taking advantage on the poor. Subprime, equity loans, all sold to the poor. My conscience feel pity to these people.

      The same thing here. Majority stocks are in institutes' hand. No matter you like the CEO or not, he will still be there. Because the institutes like him. There are nothing these shareholders can do.

      In 2006, they are not short of cash, but still issued new shares. Whether the vote can pass or not on May 13 depends on those institutes' preference or who will win among them. Even they have other way to pay back, perhaps they still want to issue new shares.

      At this price, there are much more room going up than going down. Once these settled, it will go up a lot. But there is also risk to go bad like BK (although very small). Sell at this price, would not gain much. So let the people themself to decide if they want to take the risk.

      Noone know exactly sure it will go up or down. If you guys really want to control, go talk to those institutes.

    • william_thomson Apr 19, 2008 5:23 PM Flag

      your grammar proves my point !

    • Interesting. For my whole life, my IQ is much higher than the average everywhere(university, company, etc.). Especially good at math. You the only one different interesting.

      Do not be angry. You can sell as much as you want. Nobody care. But I believe that people know what they should do at this point. So just do what you should do and do not waste time to tell others.

      Good luck for you.

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