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  • kastlem kastlem May 15, 2009 2:36 PM Flag

    A Hope Called Pixantrone - Link

    Pix is already in Clinical Trials for MS. The Charcot Research Foundation in Belgium is conducting them. Link below.

    BTW: I e-mailed this to Adam Feuerstein (I hate the fact that, so often has he offended us, I can spell his name without looking it up!)

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    • BUMP...

    • wanted to keep this post back at the top for more to see. esp the bashers!!!!!!!!!! kastlem, keep digging for more great info!

    • You people kill me!! The people that read and post on the board for CTIC are hilarious dreamers! Let me start by saying, First off I do not believe anyone on here who is saying they are buying 250K shares. Stop the BS, no one is impressed, we all understand if your "K" key is broken. If you have that kind of jack, you are not putting it in a highly speculative risky stock like this. Second of all, people with a quarter of a million dollars (which appears to be half of the posters) would not be posting some the driville you all are. Most people that would have 250K to "play" with in their well diversified portfolio, that they manage themself, can at least SPELL CORRECTLY!! Anyways, back to my main point, quit posting and reposting the same stories from 2007, if it's not from today no one cares. While your at it, could you dig up some 2004 balance sheets and post those as well. You people post whatever it takes to make you feel better about your positions in this stock and your goal of, essentially, winning the lottery. And everyone gets so excited, people are posting their opinions and if it's positive for the CTIC longs, even if it's an article from 2007, people are raving over this irrelavant BS. And if someone posts, God forbid, a logical post about why this isn't going to happen....You call them bashers, etc. This will be forever known as the stock of broken dreams, so keep talking about the potential buyouts from NVS and the ASCO confrence. Something big is coming, I can feel it, is my favorite. That big thing that is coming is your imaganation running away from you. This stock is not going to 50 by January, I am hoping it gets to 5 and I'll be out. By the way, it's tacky to post how many shares you own, nobody cares (in case you missed it the first time).

      • 1 Reply to bucknuts_com
      • >>>can at least SPELL CORRECTLY<<<
        drivell = drivel
        themself = themselves
        confrence = conference
        imaganation = imagination
        irrelavant = irrelevant
        As for your grammar: "First off" should be First of all... no, I'm done with you you nasty troll. I just do not have the time to go over your consistently dreadful grammar.
        I hope your exclamation mark key gets broken. Over use of it is a mark of poor writing.
        Your comprehension is plainly hopeless as well. News is revelation of that which was not known before, as well as something of the day. If you cannot figure out that a hot topic on the board had been missing the information posted by kastlem in the Flemish PIXAMS on-going study, then you are not worth the trouble of engaging. If you tripped over logic bucknuts, you would not even know it. Ignore status.

    • bump...

    • paul... no worries:-) I appreciate your apology, thank you. It marks you as a gentleman of reason and class. If I offended you I also apologize. Peace and wealth to you Sir.

    • I'm so proud of you that you found this article. Thanks...

    • I did mistake your reasons for the post I took it at first as you were posting it as a new article and new study that had just came out. My bad and sorry for anything I might have said out of line.

    • I have found this article pelase read it.

      tell me your thoughts

      This kid went throught one treatment of chemo and refused to have anymore even thought doctors said if he finishes he will have a 90% chance of survival, if no treatment is done he will have a 5%. Even though he claims he dosent want anymore treatment because of religious reasons. I personally think he is scared of chemo and wants a different alternative of treatment. I wonder what Pixantrone could do for him? Thoughts please.

    • Chosen, thanks. I also understand the frustration with pumpers and old info, it can be a nuisance. I think he mistook my motive in posting this one. But I, like you, felt this was relevant to current speculation on the MS angle. I am an RN who only invests in biotechs that have products and pipelines I actually believe in. I like to be a part of discussions on this board that are informational and further our understanding of this drug we are all invested in. If paul feels this makes me a pumper, then by his logic I am guilty:-) Good luck to us all.

    • kastlem, Another great post!!! Keep them up as I said before!!! WOW!!!!

      "The results of the PIXAMS project – which should enable researchers to confirm the lower cardiac toxicity and equal (or even higher) therapeutic efficacy of pixantrone in comparison with mitoxantrone – are eagerly awaited by the scientific community and patients alike. If the results are positive, pixantrone could be prescribed to a larger proportion of MS patients, repeatedly, if necessary. It would then be possible to delay the onset of handicaps by five to ten years in younger patients and to block the progression of the disease for longer periods in patients who already have some degree of disability. If the efficacy and good tolerance of pixantrone are confirmed, this will constitute a major step forward in the treatment of MS and pixantrone will eventually replace mitoxantrone.

      It is hoped that the PIXAMS study and the use of pixantrone will make it possible to improve the quality of life of MS patients very significantly.
      The results of the tests will be known by the end of 2010."

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