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  • livin_n_the_usa livin_n_the_usa Jul 25, 2009 1:44 PM Flag

    Don't expect this to last

    kz - TBilly is believe it or not mostly consistent. You got to remember that He is looking to trade on the short term chop and he monitors and trades on that volitility.

    He knows the longer term thisis going up but would like to trade on that up/down thing. Where longs wait for the rise from 1.x to much higher say 11.x and hope for a 10 point profit, TBilly is looking to trade on the 50 - 60 cent chop. If he trades well he will get probably 25 trades inbetween now and when it hits 11.x.

    As you know if he reinvests his profits starting say with 2000 shares. He will end up with much more then the 10 point profit.

    With that in mind He can say short term there is opportunity to trade on that volitility, but He also knows that long term this i going to go much higher. That is why he has both his shares to trade and his shares long.

    I do not trust my judgement as he does so I am long but he may make a major score on his trades.

    This might explain why it appears that he speaks on both sides at the same time. One short term other long.

    Still I love this action. I love Christmas and oh what a present it was to get this stock under a buck fifty.


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