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  • livin_n_the_usa livin_n_the_usa Feb 8, 2010 9:08 AM Flag

    Quarterly Report is due this week

    We should konw a lot more some time this week. There has to be a reason for the recent fall in pps, we should know in the report it is fundamental or fear on part of a larger investor.

    This is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Feb again this year.


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    • that a boy!!!

    • Ichiro came through. We got them at the corner with less than 2 outs. Need to push one across the plate aka $4...

    • Skii - I know that you have taken positions from time to time on a long, and this could be the one for you. Have you done any DD on the stock at all? Might be a good time to dust off the skills and find out what a deal this stock is at this price.

      Buy now and make more, buy later and make less. Unless you catch a nice dip that is.

      We are starting to see the beginnings of a rise here and should see a trend in revenue in the report later this month.

      Jingle jingle jingle!


    • Well look where my little lizard buddy has followed mw to now!!! stinky, you still pissed that I'm making money shorting KKD and COIN while you've lost a bundle on both?

    • skii not yet and they probably will make it fine. I think Yahoo is saying that it will happen near the end of the month which is in line with the schedule.

      Since it is the end of the year and the end of the quarter and the reports are combined the SEC allows them to be later then if it is just a quarterly report.

      Have you bought shares yet. I konw that you came on this board to bash, but if you have looked at the total picuture here you are aware that it is a better stock then you probably first thought.

      My adivce would be to buy a few shares and make some money on this while you are watching and talking. It is a solid long and could turn a few dollars short term depending on when you get in.

      But if you just want to say how bad it is so be it. You have the right to be wrong in my opinion all day long. But if you are wrong I think you should admit if when proven. If I am wrong on a stock play I fess up and I expect the same from others.

      Skii - in all honesty this is a winner and will recover once the auto industry gears up even a little. Buy a little it will make you some coin. Just get a good entry point.


    • What happened to the quarterly report?

    • I think on a real basic level of risk management. If the FDIC let the bank acquire the failed insitution, you have to think that the acquiring bank is a "chosen one." You all are smart and obviously you have to do more DD, but I take that as a major positive. Especially in this environment when you have a troubled bank list of 700 banks. Obviously they are going to shut down many others first.

      I have been playing in UCBI and SNV. Have been in and out of SNV already once and it was kind. Real Risky with there commercial exposure and for other reasons. I no longer have a position there. I have a position in UCBI. Those are the 2nd and 3rd largest banks in GA. Different markets and totally different strategies in dealing with the credit cycle.

      Skibaby is harmless and contains little reason. He just gets over emotional which is death in the stock market. Just trying to teach a little. I just want to sell the day he covers. That would be a kick huh!

      Now I did get into it with penny pumpering scam on DGRI that I would like to take out to the woodshed. Appreciate your help, I hold my own just fine I think. Always been the self sufficient do my own thing kind of guy. If I ever need backup, I will call for sure.

      I laugh when they threaten SEC litigation and all that shit. When someone threatens you with that they are probably the ones who should look in the mirror. Kind of like that business owner who things everyone is stealing from him. Well, probably cause the owner is stealing from someone.

      I didn't know one retail trader was so powerful! If you want to laugh look at some threads on DGRI. Oh I was the basher on that one, but it has gone from .18 to .10 so I think my warnings were legit. The only thing that company can do is sell wallpaper. The suckers keep the lights on for them.

    • Sorry I caught a parasite.

    • Looks like rats leaving a sinking ship while the leaving's good!

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