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  • livin_n_the_usa livin_n_the_usa Feb 9, 2011 8:52 AM Flag

    PPS move before CC

    I have to admit that I did not expect the rise in pps yesterday. Someone either knowns something or believes they do. But then again it could be simply that one of the institutions holding share has increased their confidence level and bought more.

    I known that this is a great stock and there could be some great conversation in the CC, but as far as further information, as usual I take the best guess I can based on the limited facts we all have.

    But it could be that the new product lines being brought up are going to add more to the bottom line than we thought.

    It will be a good call.


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    • Hi,

      Does CC relate to earnings? What's the meaning of that acronym. Thanks.

    • Hi Livin

      I totally agree with all said. Waiting for CC.

      Kind regards


    • Culley - winners and losers are the same deal, you do the research and you make the buy. And then you are responsible for what you do with it. In this case you did great.

      Understand about 15.50 and the possiblity of leaving something on the table while taking a lot off. There are those who sell part now and part later as a precaution for just this thing. I have for the most part not done that but may start. It is worth thinking about.

      I guess for the record I need more input from the company to determine my next steps here as well. The CC could tell me the pace of growth and the possible high end. It is not 15 by the way. But I need to see if there is a whisper of something higher and if so when.

      Still have sold no shares, and still longer till indicators tell me otherwise.


    • How many CC's have we heard that the new lines in Whirlway will be on line soon and add will be a big boost to the bottom line? Everyone whose ever worked in the automotive segment knows there's no profit in it. It's time to put up or shut up. We know they have spent millions rearranging that business segment, so where's the reward? I don't think we've heard the last of the German operation. Germany handles bankruptcy differently than the USA.

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      • River -

        The new lines in Whirlway have been mentioned in the past three calls if I remember correctly. Those mentions were that the line would be functional in 4th quarter of 2010. And you are correct it is time to findout if they are really there and what they will add to the bottom line.

        In the last call management mentioned that the line was then operational and was starting to make a contribution to revenue. But there was no projection as to how much of the line was operating and at what percent of the time. I would anticipate that we will get those metrics in the next call.

        By the way, have you been here long and not posted or do I just not remember you from your past posts.

        If you are new to posting but have been holding stock for some time welcome to the verbal side. If I do not remember you and you have posted previously, welcome back.


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