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  • markmick2000 markmick2000 Mar 13, 2012 4:07 PM Flag

    Any comments?

    Stock is cheap. On the conference call they said $1.10 in earnings this year & pay down a lot of debt.

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    • Out for now. Bought SCLN and MHR

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      • Diverging from NNBR, but MHR is one a very few E&P companies that I play (there's so many, I limit myself to just a few). I think MHR is a LT winner, but it moves with the price of oil.

        I was in at 4.50, obviously have a lot less now, sold when it was 7.50 and oil was 110+.

        Bot some back recently.

        Have a lot of KOG. Just starting to buy VOG.

        PBKEF is my best play over the last 3 months, but i sold at 18, haven't gone back yet.

        All Bakken plays.

      • Don't know about BIO.

        But might do very well with Hunter. Sure you know the history, so won't bore you. You got a smart guy running it, but they will pay more for the properties, as say, SD and CHK paid. But with the price of oil and future outlook it should do well as long as they stay oil and don't get too gassy.

        Good luck to you.

    • You keep going Tea and you should be able to take the rest of the year off. I am not a trader and also hampered on time. Glad to see someone successful.

      Made a few bucks in the last week, but still have a lot of cash waiting for right opportunities. Market is stalling, if it can endure a few more weeks should continue upward with new earnings season. But, the hill is steep and won't take much to slide.

      Lot of volatility in the world and even a whimper can be overly exaggerated.

    • btw, ALXN up near 3 today, it's a killer stock, up near 30% this yr already, and it's no small cap, $17B mkt cap.

    • Joel, you still here?

      In the prior post, I said I was waiting for 1.80 on GALE, took 1.90, was in at 1.35.

      Well, a day later, it's 2.72.

      Tell me again about nnbr???

    • Joel, GALE broke out, and got sold. 25% gain in a week or so. Sold some AIS yesterday, and today it pops again.

      AMRN continues to spike all over the place...

      ALXN and CELG have not been down (except by cents) all day, that's why they are LT holds for me, no anxiety.

    • Not sure on NN, I had a load, 5k shrs, and was under millions of gallons of water at one point. So now that I sold, then bot back, I still have just 1/3 of that. So I will certainly hold for a higher price than yesterday.

      I did another trip on THLD yesterday, made a fast 7%, then bought again at the close. Why wait for a slow mover? Again, my LT money is in stocks that have LT charts of success, not specs that could break out. I know a spec, when I get a fast profit, I take a fast profit.

      Another I sold yesterday, MAKO, great company, great product, 40/sh, will be 200 at some point, but I was in at 26, and traded it like mad, until yesterday, when it spiked, and I took all my shrs off the table.

      MAKO could look like a LT hold, but the fundies (12x 2012 rev levels...) make it susceptible to a sell off.

      I'll keep the cash for days like today, and hopefiully another down day or 3, so I can buy back cheap.

    • I can appreciate you reasoning. Nice move today NN got to your basis. Are you leaving or staying awhile?

    • Joel, I have to confess that I don't follow the science at all.

      Back in the DNDN days, I had a big load before they got FDA, and if you'll recall, the manipulation of DNDN back then still exceeds anything I have ever seen.

      So I stopped worrying about the science or details of any of the stocks i own, and have pretty much become a technical investor/trader (except for energy...).

      I don't spend much time on the price charts, more on the volume charts. When AIS gets good news, the vol spike a lot. I was in at 2, added, sold some st 3, botu that abck at 2.50, and will wait for 3+.

      I'm not waiting, on any biotech, for the blowout. I can't ever forget the DNDN lesson. I was in MDVN at 14, out at 20, it's 65, in JAZZ at 10, out at 15, it's 48. The scars of DNDN cause me to take 50% profits, or less, every time.

    • Hey Tea

      I glanced at AIS for a few moments, but would be interested what your take is, in maybe two paragraphs.

      A dollar upside is good, but this has not really move much in ten years. Do you think their phase II and II trials could move it and if so how much?



    • Right! For me, I know I'm fortunate, but i would like to be more fortunate!

      I have a lot of ALXN, you shd look at the 5 yr chart. 5 yrs ago was when this mkt went south, and it hasn't recovered yet (ok the Nas is up, but the stocks in the Nas has changed a lot, if the nas today were the same components as back then, and you took AAPL out, the Nas would be in worse condition than the Dow).

      So in those 5 yr, the Dow and S&P are not yet back to even, but ALXN is up 700+%. And, pretty steady. My kind of stock to be patient with!!

      btw, over 5 yrs, ALXN is up more than AAPL!! (700 -> 500%)

      Just an idea, GL.

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